A dinosaur Easter basket can be made or purchased premade.  There are many different price points, so you will be able to find one that fits your budget without too much trouble.  If you decide to make your own, I will give you some ideas of what you can do with the theme.  It can be as cheap or as expensive as you choose to make it, so it can fit into almost any budget.  Let’s look at some of the ways to make a dinosaur Easter basket, and what you can expect to find if you purchase a premade one.


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Make Your Own Dinosaur Easter Basket Ideas

There are many supplies that you will likely need to complete the theme for your child this holiday.  If you have a little one that loves the tyrannosaurus rex, raptor, triceratops, or other species, you will likely want to consider the following dinosaur Easter basket supplies.

Container:  You don’t have to use a standard Easter basket.  You can use a lunch box with dinosaurs on them, or similar container.  You can also search for giant dino eggs, buckets with pictures of the Jurassic period, or something similar.

Jurassic Park Movies:  These movies were released many years ago, but they are still a very good option for kids that are really into dinosaurs and would like a homemade themed Easter basket this holiday.  The movies had incredible special effects and would be appropriate for a wide range of ages.

Land Before Time Items:  These are for younger kids.  The movies were animated and you can still find many Land Before Time toys on the market if you do a little looking around.  Since the movies are a little bit older, you can be them pretty cheap, so you can put together an entire them for under 30 dollars pretty easily.

Dinosaur Eggs:  You can use these instead of standard Easter eggs to hold the candy.  You will even find some Dino eggs that have small toys in them, so you will have plenty of options to complete a DIY Dino theme for your child.


Stickers:  You will find sticker books at dollar stores and retailers in your area.  This makes it a cheap item to add, so the budget can be small if needed.  You can buy them for under 5 dollars, and at the dollar stores, they will only run you a buck.

Coloring Books:  Once again, you can find these ones at the dollar stores in your area.  If you have a very tight budget, perhaps needing to keep the entire Easter basket under 10 dollars, a few coloring books of dinosaurs would be a very cheap and effective way to go.  You can also find the crayons to complete the theme wherever they books are sold.

Toys:  Go Diego Go, Land Before Time, and even generic options are available at almost any store that sells toys.  You will have a lot of option to fit any budget and will find plenty of them for under 10 dollars without any problem.

Dinosaur Plush:  These are an easy way to fill up and Easter basket because they take up a lot of room and are pretty cheap, for the most part.  If you have a tight budget, perhaps $20 in total, the addition of a plush toy will help you fill up the container for a pretty cheap price.

Candy:  You can add regular candy if you prefer, or you can search for things that maintain the Dino theme.  Pez dispensers, chocolates, and many other types of candy are available with dinosaurs on the package.  The options you have change every year, so you can make it unique each and every year that you decide to maintain the theme.

Fruit Snacks:  Why not mix it up a little and get away from the traditional candy?  Gummy snacks can be found in the shapes of dinosaurs, which you can use to fill up the Easter basket and keep it pretty unique.  These are very cheap, so it won’t cost you much money to put them in.

Science Kits/Paleontology:  You will find these in the toy departments of most stores.  The child in your life will actually be able to learn about dinosaurs as they play, making it a very practical option for dinosaur Easter basket themes.  These are often a little more expensive, but can be found for under 20 dollars.


Premade Dinosaur Easter Baskets

If you simply are not a DIY person and prefer not to go with the homemade options listed, you might want to go with something that is premade.  You will find them at many stores in your area, and they can be found in a price range to fit almost any budget.

Pros and Cons of Premade

There are some pros and cons of going with premade dinosaur Easter baskets that you might want to keep in mind as you decide whether or not you want to put one together on your own.  The list below goes over some of the benefits and drawbacks.

Pros:  Perhaps the biggest reason you might want to consider a premade Easter basket this holiday is the time and convenience factor.  They are premade, so it is just a matter of going to the store and picking out the one you like the best.   In addition, those that don’t have many retail options in their area might enjoy simply ordering a premade one online.  While you cannot incorporate your own ideas, if you don’t really do well with creative things, it might be a good idea.

Cons:  Perhaps the biggest drawback is the price.  You will generally pay a lot more for these than you will from putting together your own.  You will have to settle for the dinosaur items that are already in the basket, so you cannot make it as unique and personal as you could if you decided to make your own.

There are many dinosaur Easter basket ideas and supplies that you can use this holiday season.

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