Hunting for a roaring good kid's birthday theme? Pick up some dinosaur party supplies and throw a big dino-party! There are lots of creative pieces out there that give your special occasion a sense of adventure and fun. Here you'll get a great checklist on what you should buy for your dinosaur theme party, some thoughts on their usage, and the prices for them for when you're on the hunt.

Dinosaur Party Supplies: Fun Prehistoric Partyware 

Creative Converting Dino Blast Plastic TablecoverKids' parties are all about fun. They're about celebrating the things that they currently love most in their life. And for many a young one, dinosaurs are a phase that hits hard. Children, especially boys, can become fascinated with these Jurassic beasts, and for good reason. They're fascinating to think about, a world from our world that's completely foreign and awe-inspiring. So why not celebrate this love when birthday time comes around?

Throwing a dinosaur-themed birthday party is easier than you imagine. There are many varieties of dinosaur party supplies available from retailers that can turn your normal living room into a Jurassic Park look-alike. When you're ready to go for it, here's a checklist of the most important supplies so that your dinosaur party isn't stomped into the ground.

Dinosaur tableware

Meri Meri Roarrrrrr Dinosaur 7-Inch Small Plates, 12-PackThe birthday table is the center of the day's festivities,  so it should be as layered as possible with fantastic dinosaur-themed accessories. Pick up a dinosaur plastic table cover and some dinosaur paper plates and cups. Don't forget those dinosaur paper napkins either. The whole table look will just scream dino-fantastic, and the kids will love it.

There's also really cool dinosaur centerpieces out there that can give the table some depth. Children will love the touch as it brings the decorations to life in more of a 3D-like way.

Dinosaur cookies and cakes

You can't throw a dinosaur party without having foods that look the part! Fortunately there's many cool party supplies that help you deliver. Pick up a dinosaur-shaped cake pan and some dinosaur cookie cutters. You can make some seriously fun shapes for your baked goods with these, and everyone at the party (including the adults) will be impressed.

A Dinosaur cake-topper

Dinosaurs Giant Wall Decals(120908)

If a cake shaped like a dinosaur is not in the cards for this year, then you should definitely pick up a cake-topper that ties into the dino-theme of your party. You'll find many out there that look the part. You can even use dinosaur plastic toy figures as a cake topper, just be sure to wash them thoroughly prior to placement.

Dinosaur wall stickers

Any themed kid's party needs full decor commitment, and a great way to deliver a room befitting of the day is wall stickers. There's all kinds of dinosaur wall decals available. Whether your party is featuring cartoony fun dinosaurs or ones with a little more bite, there are options for you. What's great is you can apply these for the day, and then remove them in just a few minutes when the party is done. They leave no marks, so your walls are safe.

Dinosaur plastic toy figures and games

Toys are great to scatter around the room to tie in the theme across all of your furniture and home decor. Plus, these toys make excellent dinosaur party favors for all of your child's friends that join in on the big day! Put together a little grab bag of dinosaur plastic toys to give to each of them at party's end. And make sure to buy a fun dinosaur party game or two to make the day interactive. How about a turn at "Pin the horn on the Triceratops"? Or a few turns around the space on giant dinosaur monster feet?

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Dinosaur Party Supply Prices

You can throw a dinosaur-themed party on a budget! Most of the supplies mentioned here can be purchased in sets for between $5 and $10, and there are many other great choices by which you can add flair to the big day.  It's a real economical party theme.

When you're ready to party Jurassic-style, dinosaur party supplies like these above are the way to make the special day come to life. Kids will love the full-themed feel. It's the type of party that they'll remember for birthdays to come, so have fun and be creative!