PBS airs a very enjoyable and educational series known as Dinosaur Train. So many young people in particular have a great interest in the series and have become totally fascinated with dinosaurs. If your child is one of them and they have a birthday coming soon, a great idea for something a bit different but a lot of fun would be to plan a Dinosaur Train birthday party for them. One can get no greater joy than giving their child something truly special dand something they will totally enjoy. Planning a Dinosaur Train party theme will do just that.

Thinking Of Invitations

Instead of spending a lot of money on pre-printed invitations, one should consider making their own to send out. And what's even better, if the e-mail addresses of the other children's parents are known, one can create invitations for Free and get the use of a picture from the website for Dinosaur Train to enhance it.

Supplies And Food

As popular as Dinosaur Train has become over the last couple of years, no licensed theme party has yet been made available. But one can take it upon themselves to be  creative and have a lot of fun with the theme. Creating a cake with the Dinosaur Train chugging across the frosting is a clever idea. In fact, anything train related will be welcome. Volcano cupcakes always draw positive responses and satisfied smiles. If the proper posters for decorating purposes cannot be located, one can go online and download whatever they choose from the internet. They can then take these to a local print studio and for a very reasonable cost get great decorations for their party room or for the yard if held outside.

Party Games

Every child enjoys participating in clever interactive party games. In this case they can be related dinosaur train party games. One can get clever ideas for these directly from the show. There they will find a wealth of ideas for fun but also interesting and educational games that all involved will thoroughly enjoy and always carry fond thoughts of participating in.

Bags Of Goodies

It is always a smart decision to avoid situations where prizes are awarded to one who wins a particular contest at this age. It is much wiser to reward everyone with a goodie bag as a reward for just participating and being there.

This entire project can be pulled off at a very inexpensive cost if one is willing to put in some extended and clever efforts. Making it a family project will only add to the total satisfaction all will share.