do you believe in dinosaurs

dinosaur comedy

         As a child I would never have thought twice about dinosaurs and Christianity.  As a child, I believed both in dinosaurs and in God……they both existed, right?  Now that I have gotten older and become an adult, I am starting to realize that maybe I shouldn’t believe in both concepts.  I am a true believer in one God and that he created all things, yet there is evidence of dinosaurs and other prehistoric life all over the world, how can this be?  If dinosaurs did exist, did anyone ever actually see them?  Does anyone know how they died or why they died?  Did all the dinosaurs go extinct at once or was it in stages as the earth started changing?  Did God start his people on one side of the world and dinosaurs lived on the other until they went extinct?  I know I should maybe do some kind of research or even look in the Bible…maybe perhaps somewhere they are mentioned in there……but I haven’t.  This is just a topic of interest that I am hoping someone out there can answer for me, I am very intrigued.  Did dinosaurs come before or after God? 

          There are museums and zoo displays dedicated to these gigantic, pre-historic creatures, but how much do we really know about them?  Just because we can get their DNA from all of the bones and other body matter archeologists are discovering, how do we really know what they were really like, what they ate, if they lived on land or in water?  How did T-Rex get to be so famous?  Do we really know the truth about this animal?  Was it really that bad of an animal?  I have so many questions and thoughts and not enough answers.  Am I the only one that has these crazy thoughts about how two beings have evidence of existing yet they are on complete opposite ends of the belief/religious scale?   

          Should parents who believe in one God which created everything allow dinosaurs in their home?  Granted that’s a totally different topic for a completely different day; but next time you see a dinosaur article in the paper, a toy in a department store, or your child wants you to read a dinosaur book, you might think about why or how these amazing creatures existed and if God did or did not create them…..where did they come from?!  Sort of along the lines of ‘what came first?  The chicken or the egg?’  What came first, a random dinosaur egg or a pair of dinosaurs? 

          What was our earth like before God?  Was there some other ruler or creator who brought dinosaurs to life and then was overruled by God?  Again, so many questions and no answers.