Direct Sales Force

Consider this Marketing Tip for Business Growth

 Any and every business needs to consider all marketing options that can not only help them sustain their sales and business but also to grow during each quarter of the year for overall success. A direct sales force adds more salespeople to get the word out about your business and products. A direct sales force could be the answer to low business sales and could be the boost that you need to get the word out about you, your products, your services and your business.


Increasing a direct sales force will cost more money to the business but, can also greatly improve the amount of weekly, monthly and yearly sales to offset those costs when the right salespeople are chosen.


 Let’s take a look at how you could add a sales team to increase your business.


How to Utilize a Direct Sales Force to Help You Grow Your Business:


  • Utilize your team for one on one personal meeting with potential customers. The more people you have working on behalf of your business to explain the benefits of your products and building relationships with customers, the more customers will think of you when they need or want what you are selling.
  • Use your team to start an email campaign to all current customers and offer them some type of discount or free gift to customers for a future return to your company or with the next order. Create a contest with your sales team to encourage their participation and make it worth their while to get the highest number of sales.
  • Get help from your team to attend a trade show to market your services, products and business to new customers. Trade shows are excellent opportunities to reach hundreds and potentially thousands of new customers and share what you offer to them. The more salespeople you have in attendance at these events makes it easier for all involved, everyone can be scheduled for a few hours instead of the whole day and this can be a great teaching tool for new members of your sales team.
  • Use a sales force to market your services and business with individualized business cards for each salesperson. Encourage your team to discuss business with everyone they meet and to share a business card. Try adding a discount offer on the back of a business card to further enhance getting new customers and making it easier for the sales team to approach new people.
  • Encourage this team to obtain new customers through a customer referral program. Add incentives to the team by offering cash, gifts, gift certificates or any other item your business can afford to increase the amount of referrals. This can be accomplished by a survey type of postcard that the sales team can mail, hand out, email or personally deliver to current customers.
  • Utilize your team members to attend festivals and other seasonal celebrations locally to find new customers and get the word out about you, your services, products and company. Offer samples, flyers, brochures and any other literature or information you can that will help the sales team meet new customers and to allow potential customers to learn more about your company and products. An individualized approach will help potential customers remember how helpful your sales team was the next time they need your product.
  • Use your group members to increase your business’ online presence through social network sites that are becoming increasingly popular as a way to reach new and existing customers. Track the results of this marketing method by providing some type of survey card at your place of business that asks customers how they learned of you or your products. Give a gift or other incentive to the salesperson that brings in the most customers through a social network site.
  • Gather your group weekly either in person or via conference calls to review present tactics and marketing plans, results and to make any necessary adjustments early on. Use these meetings to motivate and encourage the team for the best results.


There are many ways that members of your team can improve your business growth by finding new customers, gaining new customer referrals and staying on top of your current customers’ minds when they need or want your product or service. A strong and powerful sales force that is motivated and encouraged with incentives is more likely to be successful in increasing sales and awareness of your business. Decide for yourself if adding a group of people that work with you and your company could be the answer to your low sales and find the best salespeople to be part of your successful team.

Build your team to grow your sales!