This article is all about being a Direct Selling Marketing Consultant.  I know that sounds like a mouthful and you may have heard of the expression or the different components of it before.  I will endeavour to break it down so you can understand exactly what is meant.  It really just means one thing, but knowing what each part refers to will be the key to you grasping what such a role entails.



What is Direct Selling?

Direct selling is a business form that has been used for centuries.  It involves the selling of products and services without a fixed store or other form of retail location, direct to someone's home.  In it's earliest form of peddlers, or door to door salesmen.  Though, this usually had negative connotations.  Nowadays companies have to adhere to a strict code of conduct issued by the DSA, Direct Selling Association.  It has been reported that in the UK particularly, direct selling accounts for £40 billion in sales every year. 

There are a number of methods that could be utilized by a direct selling company, as well as door to door canvassing; these include party plan, one to one demonstrations and also internet sales.  The selling is conducted by someone usually referred to as a distributor or representative.  They may also be referred to as a consultant, but we will cover that further down.  Avon, Betterware and Kleeneze, as well as Tupperware and Oriflame are just some of the name that you may be familiar with that operate as direct selling. The success of a company is due to direct selling; many small business marketing strategies is based on this technique; any maketing consultant will highly recommend improving the marketing strategies for direct selling if profit maximization is desired by the company.


What is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing is connected to direct sales and involves the possibility of a distributor increasing their sales by recruiting more distributors who in effect work directly under the distributor, but have their own business that they run.  The person who recruits gets more sales, because they will get the commission for their own, plus a percentage of the recruited members of their teams' sales.  This is also referred to as Multi Level Marketing, or MLM for short and it does work; making other people work for you and offering a reward at the same time!


Direct Selling Network Marketing Consultant

Now we come to the consultant part of Direct Selling Network Marketing Consultant.  A consultant is not really a consultant in the same way as a medical doctor might be a consultant.  As hard as it is to imagine, anyone can become a consultant, even people new to direct selling and network marketing.  A consultant usually denotes a distributor who has decided to recruit people to his/her team and thus is able to consult them to motivate, help and encourage them to succeed in improving their own sales, which effects the money that the network marketing consultant will make.


So really when people say that they are a direct selling network marketing consultant, they basically mean they have they are self employed are involved in a business that has a MLM set-up, they may not even be at the top of it, and thus may have been recruited themselves.  They have people that work at their own self employed business, but whose sales effect their recruiters’ income.