A Listing of Educational Infobarrel Topics

While it is easy to get started on Infobarrel as a content writer, the process can be frustrating. There is a great deal of information to learn in the beginning. Some of this can be ignored at first. Basic knowledge about the content process will suffice. In time, the new author can hone their work. By doing so, they should start to see improved performance, defined as greater revenue earned by the articles.

Introductory Articles
These articles give an introduction to Infobarrel, the Internet or the content creation process. These will be of interest to new authors especially:

How to make a dollar working from home - sometimes it's hard to get started in the content creation business. Here's how to start with an attainable goal: earning a dollar. It's easy. The next steps are up to you.

Advice for New Infobarrel Authors - Backlinks, Photos, Optimizing and More - backlinks are important as they allow viewers to find your articles. Photos and optimizing are important as well.

How to Write an Infobarrel Article With Backlinks - More about backlinks

How to Backlink an Infobarrel Article - Even more about backlinking Infobarrel articles

Internet Marketing Opportunities - How to promote your work, and products, on the Internet


Intermediate Articles
These articles expand on the above by extending the knowledge of the Infobarrel author. By following some of the tips in these, better article performance should result.

March 2012 List of Backlink Sites for Infobarrel Authors - a list of useful backlinking sites as validated in March 2012

How to get Started in Affiliate Marketing - after content writing, affiliate marketing is the most successful money making activity performed by Infobarrel authors

Optimizing Your Infobarrel Article Photos - tips on how to improve article loading time by adjusting image quality


Advanced Information
Infobarrel authors should check out the informative user forum area. All Infobarrel members are automatically enabled as forum members. There are a number of categories in the forum from help to tips to announcements. The site administrators frequent the forum, often participating in the discussions. Of particular interest is the attention paid in the forum area to current developments at Google, Infobarrel and other notable Internet sites.

Beginner's Guide To Infobarrel Forums

Infobarrel is a great site for Internet content creators. The site is easy to use and it ranks highly on the major search engines. Authors receive revenue based on the activities of viewers to their articles. Revenue is shared between the site and each author based on an ad display algorithm. Authors have their ads displayed at least 70% of the time. This can rise to 90% for more active contributors. Authors are expected to contribute quality work that has not been previously published. Beginners must have their work approved prior to publication. Experienced authors receive automatic publishing rights. Any article found to be unacceptable may be removed by the site administrator. The site enforces a strict policy of article requirements. No profanity, inciting of hate, or other negative content is allowed. A high standard of ethics is expected of authors at all times. This is part of the reason why Infobarrel is highly regarded. In this era of quality work being drowned out by garbage, the site content requirements are well regarded by authors and viewers alike.

If you are not yet an Infobarrel author, sign up for a free account today. Get started in the Internet content creation business right away. Good luck.