Dirt Devil Hand Held Vacuum

Great For The Small Jobs

The Dirt Devil Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner/Dustbuster is one powerful little vacuüm.  It takes up very little counter space so it's easy to hide out of eyes view, has a small charger too, easy to clean out the mini vacuüm bag and it comes with a small collectible brush to place at the tip of the vacuüm.

The Dirt Devil Mini Vac picks up crumbs on counter tops, (or any place else you have crumbs) does a great job cleaning computer keyboards and is powerful enough to give your car a quick vacuüm.  This small appliance gets the dust and crumbs out of the smallest of spots.  It is a powerful small home appliance that makes cleaning a bit easier and helps get the daily clean-up done faster.

Keep the charger plugged in an electrical socket to keep it charged at all times so when need you can grab it, use it, empty it and place it straight back into its charger.

The Dirt Devil Detailer is a perfect fit for large and small living spaces.  The product is worth the buy in my opinion.

Dirt Devil Hand-Held Mini Vacuum


I don't have any negative points of view about this product. It's wonderful.

Small Appliance With Strong Power

Handy It Is

Dirt Devil Small Hand Held appliances are powerful and affordable.  I bought the Dirt Devil Detailer Mini Dustbuster in 2008 for about $20.00 at Bed Bath & Beyond and it's still working strong and as powerful as it was when I bought it.

The size is about twelve inches long and two inches wide.


Dirt Devil small home hand-held appliances are powerful and inexpensive. I purchased the Dirt Devil Detailer mini dustbuster in 2008 for about $20.00 and it still working strong and still very powerful. The Dirt Devil hand-held vacuüm cleaner/dustbuster is about nine inches long and two inches wide.

In Closing

This tiny vacuum helps keep areas much cleaner and dust free in-between major household cleaning days.