Tennis is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.  It is among the most popular sports in the world, and is played all year round in many areas.  Therefore, cleaning and maintaining tennis courts is an absolute must.  Things like dirt, mold and mildew could put you on the injured list real quick as you could slip and fall during your game.  A poorly-maintained surface will also hasten deterioration, so much so that lines will be hard to see and cracks start to appear, and therefore the money in your wallet, if you own the court, will start to disappear.  Obviously, you don’t want the court to deteriorate that far.

After every match, sweep the court with a broom or use a leaf blower to remove any dead insects, leaves, or debris.  Start in the center of the court and work towards the ends.  Repeat for both sides of the court and make sure to clean all lines and around the net area.

If some of the dirt is too stubborn to remove with brushing or blowing alone, you can wash the court with a pressure washer.  Mix the water with some mild soap or detergent and spray all sides of the court, but especially the lines.  Any remaining debris is to be washed off the court using the water stream.  Let the court dry and repeat the washing if necessary.

Go back to the court after it has dried to see if there are still signs of molds and mildew.  Molds and mildew that refuse to go away after all is said and done are a different ballgame altogether.  There are a few cleaners designed for this job in the market today, but the best ones are totally organic and therefore safe to use.  Many cleaners designed to get rid of mold tend to be very acidic or very caustic, and therefore can do more harm than good, but there are a few cleaners that are gentler yet do the job just as well.

Simply use your garden hose and your product (it should be made to attach to the hose) to completely saturate the area where mold and mildew form.  If the product is a quality product that inhibits the growth of the green stuff, it’s game, set and match...the green menace won’t return for another year or so. 

Lastly, also inspect the net lines every week to make sure they’re clean and the net itself is taunt.  Every month, make sure to inspect the lines to see if they need to be repainted (and often do) and check the areas of heavy play, such as baselines and service boxes, for wear.

Regular maintenance of the tennis court will ensure that people will enjoy this invigorating and popular sport for the long haul.