Disability- Who Has The Real One?Disability is a term which is indicative of impairment, activity limitations, and participation restrictions. Impairment is a problem in body function or structure; and activity limitation is a difficulty encountered by an individual in executing a task or action; while a participation restriction is a problem experience by an individual's involvement in life situations. Thus disability is a complex phenomenon, reflecting an interaction between features of a person's body and features of the society in which he or she lives. As quoted by Wikipedia.

Just recently I read an article about a lady who is legally blind. Actually it was a questions and answer interview. She manages her life with substance, wonder and admiration. She is a motivational speaker, sings and has written books. She is married with two sons whom she has never seen their face. She has been blind since 15 years of age. In this article she talked about how it felt in the world of darkness and how she finds a way to relate to the darkness and life as it is, not in a sense of why me. Like any individual who has a disability sometimes she says that yes, she has questioned why, but not why me. In an awareness of the purpose of her life with this disability not why she is the one. She does not let these questions detain her on her walk in life nor stop her from living a life of contribution to society…she travels on in the beauty of her blindness. She has found her purpose and works with it everyday; she did not sit and dwell in the state of "what did I do wrong?" It appears from her explanations, she decide there had to be a plan an achievement and that nothing would stand in her way on the purpose of making a difference to someone.

The picture of this lady on the book that I picked up looked nothing like a person who was blind. She looked straight at the camera and had a smile with a natural glow, she is very attractive and there seems to be nothing missing. There was nothing that indicated to me that she was blind. I am sure it would be the same if one could meet her in person as she has managed to manage her blindness.

There are many different "real" disabilities that are encountered in the world today. Some cannot walk, some cannot speak, and some are incapable of feeding themselves as they are immobilized due to being paralyzed. You have those who are deaf and those who cannot see with the natural eye. These are people who are actually disabled and if they had been given another roll in life would have made their life much more than some of us who live life with all the human abilities with no impairments.

My question would be; why is it that we, who have all the chances in life to make our life something worth while, seek ways to destroy it? Why is it that we who have been given every monopoly in life; can't seem to find our way? Why is it that we who have been given the universe to explore are disabled in so many ways that these people have found courage and profound wisdom? It seems that some people who have been handed a state of incompleteness have manipulated that part of themselves that we see as a disability into being characters of astounding strength that some of us will never possess.

I would never ask God for a disability so that I could learn how to make my life worthwhile, but when I see how these people who have manage their life with much less ability in some ways than I have; I am ashamed and confounded and want to just kick myself for complaining and asking; why me? Why would I waste so much time on frivolous issues such as trying to please other people and being afraid if I did not? Why would I spend too much time trying to have "nice" things just to be like everybody else? Why would I not cherish the moment instead of trying to live my life with an attitude of the more I can do the better off I am. Why did I not step back and review the true meaning of life when I had the time to change other people's lives and my own? Why did I spend a large portion of my young life not realizing that I had a purpose? Why is it that we spend over half of our life trying to figure out who we are?

The questions above do not mean that I am totally unhappy with the way I have lived my life. I am not…I have had a good life but I am human and humans rarely live without mistakes and ways in which they could have grasped their true purpose in living and made for themselves something more gratifying in one way or the other, than what we sometimes end up with.

The purpose of this is to help anyone see, including me; we can do it better. We have all of our abilities, some stronger than others, we are blessed with ways and knowledge of how it can be accomplished at our fingertips. We do not utilize the great gifts we have been given. Should we all have a disability to see how grateful and careful we should be with our life? That is not the real concept I am making, but it is something for you to think about. What would your life be like if you could not move toward a richer life? What if? What if? Would you do as well with your disability as you are doing with your life or would you do better?

Nothing is more important that living our life the best we know how...yet those with a disability seem to have more knowledge than the rest of us do about "really" living. Find out who you are...and live....really live....