What Types of Disability Scooters Are Right For You - If you are finding it more and more difficult to get around, and have stopped many activities you enjoy simply because of some mobility problems, then you should consider disability scooters. These are better than they used to be, and although electric, will go a lot further on a charge, so there is not the fear of being caught out with a dead battery.

When deciding to get a scooter, you first need to decide which type of activities you want it for. Although you can get indoor and outdoor, it is best to have a separate one for each.

Indoors - If you feel you need the scooter more for indoors, then you would purchase one designed just for indoors. These particular models are 3 wheel, and the smallest. There special wheels are designed to not mark floors, and they can transition from carpet to hardwood.

They are created smaller, so you can get around furniture, and stay mobile in your own home. Due to the light weight and size, they can corner very well, so that you do not damage drywall and moldings. This one is best used indoors in your own home. You could take this to the mall, but then the wheels will get dirty, and these indoor light weight ones do not go as far on a charge.

If you are wanting to go out to the mall, you should consider a outdoor disability scooter.

Outdoors - If you decide you are alright in your own home, that the mobility problems are really more outdoors, such as mall walking, or sidewalk walking, or any longer distances, that you feel will tire you out. This can cause anxiety, and then you end up not going out at all. Maybe you have been using a walker, but are still feeling mobility problems, then in this case you may benefit from outdoor scooters.disability scooters

Now these outdoor mobility scooters, are the heaviest of the line of disability scooter, since they have to be made tougher to handle the outdoors. These models can climb hills, up curbs, ride on grass, and be used in the winter as well. Therefore they are 4 wheels and are rear wheel driven to keep it upright. They will go much longer on a charge, but can also weigh up to 100 pounds. Pride Hurricane PMV Mobility Scooter - Candy Apple Red - A14504 01 (pictured)

But if you need to be able to go places other than the mall, then these tougher outdoor ones will do the trick. They also have a higher clearance off the ground to get over bumps, some snow and rough terrain.

They are not recommended to transition to the indoors, such as a house, as they are big and will likely hit things in the house.

Indoor/Outdoor Scooters - These mobility scooters can be used inside and outside. They are usually 3 wheels, but really they are better for areas that do not have rough terrain, and not too bad weather. Since these indoor/outdoor ones are made a lighter weight, you can't use them on rough terrains. These would be the type you would use in your home, and then to the mall, or anywhere outside there is flat ground. If this is the case, then this might be a good purchase for you. But if you live in an area of rough terrain, or bad weather, and many curbs or hills you may need to climb, you would be further ahead to invest in the tougher outdoor disability scooters.

There are many deciding factors you need to consider before investing in your ride. If you live in town and can get to your errands easily right from your home, then you need to figure out where to store it in your home. Do you have a front entrance way? Do you have a closed in front porch?

If you need to be able to get your outdoor mobility scooter in your van, then you need to consider a scooter that compacts or folds properly to fit in your van.

Where to Buy Them - There are medical equipment dealers if you look in the phone book, but you can also go by referrals. Do you know anyone else that uses scooters? Are they happy with the one they got? You need someone who will be there for any problems that may arise too.

You can also ask your pharmacist. They can quite often recommend someone, many times they sell them as well as part of the drug stores services.

You can also get them online at such stores as Amazon. There are a good variety to choose from.

There are many models on the market, and there will be one or two that are perfect for your needs. Why let life go by? Get out and enjoy. Don't let a mobility problem keep you indoors.

My father had Multiple Sclerosis, and used a walker or cane for years, but then we noticed he didn't want to go out much anymore. He was feeling more depressed, and then he finally let us know that he was so tired after using his walker, and anxious that he might fall, that he just didn't want to go out anymore. He felt safer staying at home.

But we took him shopping for mobility scooters, and he found one that suited him fine. He wanted one for outdoor use only, and he needed on that could fit in the van easily. My mom could easily get it out, and now he enjoyed going out with us. Many times he could beat the grandchildren in a race, his was so powerful. It would go all day without a charge. We couldn't keep up with him!

So, you have to decide what your needs are. If you can afford one for in the house as well as a separate heavier duty one for outdoor use, then that would have you moving around in no time.

Disability scooters, are a great way to enjoy life, especially if you don't feel comfortable leaving the house with a mobility problem. They are being better designed all the time, and the tires are made to last. You can get a lot of years enjoyment out of these disability scooters.

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