Low self-esteem and low level of self-confidence are some of the challenges that overweight people struggle with. Some people believe that they can regain control of their lives once they have lost their excess weight because by then, they will have the confidence to do anything they want. Oftentimes, overweight people resort to methods that give them rapid results.

It is not only the overweight people who struggle with weight issues that eventually lead them to employ rapid weight loss methods. There are some people who are not contented with their average and normal body weight because they believe that being extra skinny is being sexy and beautiful. The easiest and quickest method to lose a lot of weight is to starve yourself. While this method produces immediate results, it is unsafe and unhealthy since the body needs nutrients that it gets from the food consumed. The body will suffer if it does not get sufficient and the right nutrients that it needs.

One problem and concern with rapid weight loss techniques is sustainability. Sometimes, people who are on extreme diets go through stages/periods wherein they would like to give themselves the opportunity to divulge in any food they want and in whatever quantity they can as a reward for achieving their rapid weight loss goals. Then, they couldn't stop themselves from eating and they eventually gain back all the weight that they lost. The cycle goes on. The solution is to have long-term changes in the eating habits and lifestyle.

Other methods that can be employed for a speedy weight loss are to spit, vomit and sweat in order to lose a lot of water weight. These methods are used by many athletes who need to meet certain weight requirements. They have very rapid effects such as losing more than 10 pounds in just two to three days. However, these methods of losing weight are only temporary because the pounds lost will go back once you stop spitting and vomiting and you return to drinking normal amounts of water.

Due to the severe effects of poorly-planned rapid weight loss regimen, people who engage in it are likely to regain their old weight and they may even suffer from heart, respiratory and cardiovascular conditions.