Exploring Car Vanishing Technologies

Car is a necessary part of our living. Car makes life easier when you are living far from a bus stop, you need groceries from the market, you need to drop or pick your child from school and , God forbid, if there is an emergency in the house. Thus demand for cars is increasing every day. The manufacturers are not only making car, they are adding innovations either to make your life more easy or to at least attract you towards their cars.  

As the technology is improving, the invisibility or the act of disappearance is getting very popular. Certainly there are advantages and of, course plenty of thrill. In this article I shall be discussing cars with few technologies. The future cars with disappearing doors , and such disappearing doors can be fitted to your own car. Also Mercedes Benz has come up with the idea of making their car vanish from the naked eye. Both the technologies are interesting , and you are welcome to choose anyone that suits your budget. But an art student and few guys have their own ideas about car vanishing, and I am sure you will enjoy their ideas also.

Disappearing Doors Technology

Cars are full of innovations, but most good ideas very rarely see the light of day.  The Retractable Disappearing Car Door has gone much further in realizing a series of fully functional, drivable vehicle prototypes equipped with the Retractable Doors. These have been rigorously tested for both usability and safety. 

One thing is for sure, Your parking is going to create a stir and you will definitely grab everyone's attention when you come out of  a car with Disappearing Doors! No matter where you are, whether driving to the club, grocery store, gas station, or restaurant, your drivable work of art will be appreciated and admired. Even if you  you pull up next to other high end cars, yours will render them boring by comparison!.  The vehicle architecture offers an attractive rethink for car design and adds greatly to overall vehicle safety including the structural reintegration of the door with the body and the cruciform car door frame technology. Dis-appearing car doorCredit: spikednation.com - google

The technology has many names: “automatic car door”, also  “Futuristic ride’s door vanish” and also the “Disappearing car doors”- The manufacturers claim to have  worked with the finest and most experienced auto builders in the US and Europe, ensuring that the  car will be manufactured to the highest quality, reliability and safety standards, and includes a manual override for car door operation.   The original inventors and designers of the exciting Disappearing Car Door technology are now in a position to equip your favourite car with the cool,  safe and convenient automatic car door or design an original vehicle body incorporating this unique technology, giving you a chance to create thrill among your groups.

These doors are in great demand and have been considered very useful by Auto dealerships, vehicle constructors, manufacturers who modify vehicles for the Handicapped, Limousines. Military and Civilian Service vehicle manufacturers have also responded positively to the technology. Many accident responding agencies are in the thinking process, including Police, Fire and Emergency personnel to discuss the advantages of the system in accident situations. (You may also like to see the flying car  (   http://www.infobarrel.com/Magic_Of_Yesterday_Is_Reality_Today ) which caused great thrill )

The Video below elaborates the stated door functions

The Mercedes with water Emission

Mercedes Was the name of a loving daughter of a rich father. This name in German means “grace”, and he liked it so much that first he gave it to her daughter, then to the car and finally (officially) he named himself the same – (Please see  http://www.infobarrel.com/How_Some_Autos_Got_Name)

Mercedes car has introduced two technologies . Firstly, it is using the fuel cell technology, where Hydrogen is the basic fuel, but fuel cells also require oxygen. One great appeal of fuel cells is that they generate electricity with very little pollution—much of the hydrogen and oxygen used in generating electricity ultimately combine to form a harmless by product, namely water, making this car absolutely environmental friendly.   The video below shall explain it better. 

The Mercedes Becomes Invisible

Mercedes has made their car look invisible. This has been done with the help of a sheet of colored LEDs, while on the other side mounted a Canon 5D Mark II camera for filming. It then gives pedestrians the effect of being able to see right through the car--a similar trick Ben Heck used for his Halloween Portal Shirt. Possibly a bit confusing if you happen to be another driver though. On the flip side, this trick is most impressive when the car is still, then suddenly flashes bright colors to make its presence known.  Thanks to the fuel-cell technology on board, the vehicle can turn hydrogen into the electricity needed to drive around 240 miles. I am not sure if Mercedes plans to mass produce the “Invisible car” or it is simply a trick to give more fame to their Hydrogen based fuel cell technology.  Because it was a technology rejected by many experts, and Mercedes has done it. Also Regardless of the availabilty of these eco-cars, the video below  puts across the emissions point perfectly, in a way that you're bound to enjoy. However, there's only a limited number of cars availble for testing right now, and  the car won't be ready for the consumer market until at least 2014.

Mindfreak- Vanishing Car trick

Mercedes is certainly not the first company to try making an invisible car. This technoly has been in use for military purposes since long. But those are all costly affairs. In the below video see some guys, vanishing their car, how have they done? I would prefer to ask you the same, and if you come to know, do let me know also. Enjoy the video below

Sarah Watson - Car vanishing Idea.

 She is an art student in Preston University, and came up with the idea to paint a car which disappears in its space. This is something you can do if you have little flare for art. Personally I liked the idea. Enjoy the video below: