If you haven’t started thinking of disaster preparation for your family yet, it may be time. With all the horrific weather conditions including floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes happening all around the world it’s better to have a handle on the basic necessities.  

Suppose you were without electricity for a week or two? What if it led into a month without electricity?  For some people this would mean no water accept what was left in the pipes.  Here are some  positive ways that you can get water from your house and/ or surrounding area during a natural disaster that can help to give you a clean supply of drinking water during a disaster. You should never leave it to chance as disaster preparation is very important. Think about when there are mild snowstorms how empty the shelves become in a short time. If the weather is so bad that you can’t make it to the store, then you won’t even have the opportunity to get to the store.

Preparing for a Disaster


The first way that you can prepare your supply for a natural disaster would be by you directly purchasing bottled water ahead of time. You should have a stock of at least one week per person already stored.  Each person will need about 1 gallon per day or about 7- 16 ounce bottles.  That’s 28 gallon jugs of water total for 4 people or approximately 200- 16 ounce bottles rounded off.  I know that sounds like a lot but that’s just for one week for 4 people!

Another way to tap into some supply in a disaster is simply by draining all the water out of your hot water heater into containers.  This can give your family access to from 40-60 gallons of it. There are some things you need to know about doing this such as before you can drain it you will need to let air in it. Turning on a hot water faucet anywhere in your house will do this.  You will also need to turn off your circuit breaker or gas valve before draining.

You can also drain all the water out of your pipes from your faucets if you have no other choice. You should use clean containers, pots etc. to store the water.

There are a few other choices when it comes to disaster preparation in regard to your supply. You can use any clear water, from a lake etc. You must boil it in order to sanitize it. You can also purchase tablets and store them to sanitize it. Collecting rain is an option also but you will probably get only a minimal amount.

You can also install an emergency tank which can be purchased at local wholesale clubs and are made to easily fit in your basement or garage.  They store about 250 gallons of water.

It is much better to be prepared and have peace of mind when it comes to you and your family.