When walking a disc golf course on a sunny afternoon, relaxation is often one of the key factors in the enjoyment of your game of disc golf. The game of disc golf really requires very little out of the player in the form of equipment needed to play. Often, all that is needed is about 3 disc golf discs and little else. This is quite different from traditional golf which uses many different clubs and a very large bag. There might even be a caddy involved! In the game of disc golf, there is one item that can make your day much more convenient and relaxing. This is a proper disc golf bag.

Using a disc golf bag to store your disc golf discs can greatly reduce your tension when playing the game and walking the course. Disc golf bags allow one to relax their hands and carry the weight of their disc golf discs in one convenient and portable container for easy access.

There are many options to choose from when choosing a disc golf bag. Below are a few of the top choices among disc golf bags.

Disc Golf Manufacturer's Bag - There are some bigger names in the disc golf industry and these companies also market, and sell, their own line of disc golf bags. Probably the best known disc golf company is Innova. They manufacturer everything from disc golf discs, disc golf bags, and even the baskets used in playing Frisbee golf. These may be more expensive due to the manufacturer's logo and design, but they are well suited to the task of transporting and storing your disc golf discs.

Normal Messenger Style Bag - These over the shoulder bags, often called messenger bags, are great options when looking for a disc golf bag. The over the shoulder design lets the player have easy access to their disc golf discs while allowing freedom of movement and comfort. These can be found for much cheaper than if you were to go the disc golf manufacturer's route. You might even be able to find a decent bag in a thrift store. Be creative when deciding on a disc golf bag.

Backpack - A backpack makes a great disc golf bag. These are known to most of us from our school days. Due to the fact that the disc golf bag is located on the back means that there is efficient storage while allowing for freedom of control and movement in the arms and the legs. Also, the design allows for less strain. This is important when focusing one's energy in the disc golf game at hand.

Decently Sized Lunch Box or Cooler- This one sounds a bit odd at first, but because disc golf discs are usually smaller by nature, a decently sized lunch box or cooler can be ideally suited for carrying disc golf discs. A convenient handle or strap is often built into a box or cooler means that the disc golfer can enjoy convenience and portability while saving their hands from undue strain. Some straps on the vinyl coolers can even be long enough to strap over the shoulder similar to the messenger bag.

Whatever you choose as your ideal disc golf bag, I highly recommend you find something that is suited to your taste. Disc golf bags are invaluable accessories on the course as they allow for greater enjoyment through convenience and portability of your various disc golf discs.

If you were to only choose one accessory for the game of disc golf, a good disc golf bag should be it. You don't have to spend a lot of money, but the return will be great when playing the game of disc golf.