The game of disc gold, also known as Frisbee golf, is a hybrid between the throwing of a Frisbee and the traditional game of golf. While a person can play disc golf with traditional Frisbees found at any local sporting goods store or general big box retail establishment, there are disc golf discs that are specifically designed for the game of disc golf.

How Are Disc Golf Discs Different From Regular Frisbees?

Below is a list of some of the differences:

Plastic - Disc golf discs can vary quite a lot from their traditional cousins. The plastic in a disc golf disc is often softer and more flexible than a traditional Frisbee. This offers the player a greater sense of comfort and can offer more control. Also, the plastic used in disc golf discs tends to be more dense and heavy. Even the plastic from one disc golf disc manufacturer can change among product lines. Some can be more rigid while others are more malleable. This is an entirely subjective choice and is dependent upon player discretion. One can choose their disc golf discs much the same way a golfer chooses his clubs.

Design - Often, a traditional Frisbee is just a round piece of plastic that is suitable for traditional park or beach throwing. On the other hand, disc golf discs offer a variety of difference to help enhance a disc golf player's game. Some have beveled edges and have a sharper appearance while others are more rounded and blunt. The shape and design can dramatically affect the way a disc is thrown and the distance achieved. For example, in disc golf one can choose disc golf discs design for different purposes just like in regular golf. These discs take the form of distance drivers, mid-range drivers, and putter/approach discs. They may each vary in weight and bevel thus offering different distances and feel among disc golf discs.

Method of Throw - The act of throwing a disc golf disc is often quite different from a traditional Frisbee. The methods will vary from player to player, but they usually fall into a few categories. They may use the traditional throw of curling into the body and an outward throw to throwing from the outside and in an underhand position. The choice is based largely in comfort and control of the disc golf disc. A rather unusual throw is one that is similar to that of throwing a ninja star or a paper airplane. Again, the design of the disc golf disc in more conducive to varying styles and methods.

Size - Disc golf discs tend to be smaller than traditional Frisbees. This has the advantage of making them more portable and more malleable for the player. This can vary between manufacturers. Disc golf is truly a game where size does matter. Take this into consideration when purchasing your disc golf discs. This will be largely dependent upon your hand size and comfort when gripping your disc golf disc. Handle a few before you make your decision.

          Finding the disc golf discs that are right for you is almost as important as the act of playing and practicing. The discs that are chosen will help determine your next successful disc golf game. When choosing your disc golf discs, try to look around at a few options. Really be honest about which one feels best for your style.

          You may not know at first which disc golf discs are best for you until you actually play a game of disc golf! If you already an avid player, then you have a head start in the knowledge of your discs. If you are just beginning, then it might take you a little time to figure out which disc golf discs are best suited for you and your style of play.

          No matter which disc golf discs you choose, never forget to have fun and enjoy the game! There is truly nothing else like it.