We live in a world determined by the fastest progress and development we've ever faced. One thing remains the same and it will until the very fall of our kind - we need children to ensure our survival. Not only that, every parent has a responsibility to discipline his kid and prepare it for life.

No matter how old you are, there is one serious issue that affects us all. It's not politics, it's not how much money you make and it's definitely not Lady Gaga's new haircut. The fact is that each and every time a kid is born, it represents a small piece of the future. Now, it's up to every parent to try his best and raise the child in the best manner possible.

Who determines the best manner, you might ask? It's up to every parent how they choose to raise their kids. The family can be religious or inclining to atheism, it can be rich or poor, it can live in Australia or Egypt. It matters not where a particular child live, but what it knows, what it learns and how is it able to comprehend different things.

I have witnessed only my small piece of the world in the Middle Europe, so I can't brazenly judge youngsters worldwide. It's up to you to realize if I'm right:

Why is it that the majority of children in "western society" are much more insolent, demanding, fastidious or aggressive than 20 or 50 years ago? I am shocked to 6 years old using F words, 9 years old thieving, 12 years old smoking and 14 years old thinking about sex...

Well, one of the answers is democracy. It is widening across the whole globe like a shining star of freedom, respect and love. On the other hand, democracy also means accountability and trust and I think that mankind gladly accepted all the advantages, but somehow forgot to pay attention to all new duties.

Parents neglect key factors during childhood. Qualities like honor, respect, truth or sense of justice are being completely ignored, because most of the parents believe these have no longer place in this world ruled by money.

I'm sure you now understand that how we'll tell our kids the world looks like, it really shall look like it. Don't you think we deserve better than a horrible living condition for 50% people and a rat race for another 45% people?

We do. Disciplining our kids will make our lives better and it's never too late to start.