Disciplining your puppy may be a tough thing to do for many owners. Sometimes owners are too harsh on their dog and other times they are not harsh enough. It is important to be strict yet not overly cruel when training your dog. The only way to learn the rules of the house is repetition. By repeating your requirements and commands and teaching the dog to follow them you will have a successfully disciplined dog that will listen not only to you but everyone who gives him a proper command.

If your dog decides to bark at you, bite you or chew on things that he isn't supposed to, then it is time for disciplining. Teach your puppy that these things are naughty and are he will not be able to get away with doing them. Each time your dog does something that he's not supposed to be doing then respond with a sharp "No!" Be sure that you aren't screaming, but you are talking in a stern voice that means business. Some owners decide to kennel their dog after they have been rebellious and that is fine too. However, it is important not to leave your dog in the kennel for too long. This type of training may backfire on you and may cause your dog to run away, bark or bite. If you are going to train your dog by using a kennel then it is important to start when they are young. Teach your puppy that if they don't behave then that is where they belong, but also make it a rewarding experience for them. Although they may want to be by your side all the time they simply can't. Train your dog that if he goes into his kennel he gets a treat or a chew toy. By doing this, it will remind your dog when he is older that this is where he will go when his owners need time apart. By introducing the kennel to your dog at a young age, you may even find him lying down in his kennel when he is tired or hot without being told to do so.

Since your puppy is so young you need to expect some hyperactivity from them. Fortunately, they will grow out of this after about two years. However, if you feel as if your dog is giving you to much stress then you may want to consider puppy classes. These classes teach you have to correctly discipline your puppy and will teach them how to respond to your commands.

When disciplining your puppy be sure that everyone in your family is using the same rules and routines as you are. If one person allows your dog to jump and another yells at him when he jumps he may become very confused. It is very important to stay on the same page when teaching your dog right from wrong. Eventually you will have a loving pet and you will be extremely thankful that you have trained him.