You will find tons of discontinued Bath and Body Works scents and lotions that you might want to consider.  Luckily, even if the fragrance you really have come to love is no longer being made, you will still be able to find them in a number of different places.  In this article, I’ll share some of the best places you can look for them, along with some of the most popular lotions and scents that Bath and Body Works have ever carried in their lineup.  In addition, I will even share some alternatives you can consider if your favorite has been removed from the lineup, which will most likely happen down the road.

Shower Gels

Many people love shower and bath gels to make their skin feel great and smell even better.  If you are into shower gels, perhaps iced pineapple, kiwi, or mango mandarin would be right for you from their discontinued lineup.  Lemon grass sage, magnolia blossom, peony, sheer vitality, tranquil mint, and violet bouquet are also no longer being produced for the stores.


Fragrance Mist

This is essentially a perfume and they have had tons of different kinds over the years.  Bath and Body Works recently discontinued wild honeysuckle, cucumber melon, and several others.  If you are into the fragrance mist lineup, you might want to buy up all you can now.  Blissful blackberry, garden orchid, creamy coconut, green clover and aloe, and joyful garden have also joined the list of discontinued lotions and scents from Bath and Body Works.

Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap

If you were looking for deep cleansing hand soap in black raspberry vanilla or moonlight path, you will have to do some hunting.  Lavender flowers, key lime, flower walk and fresh waterfall mist have also been discontinued from the makers.  The same goes for calming waters, flower walk, fresh waterfall mist, green tea and cucumber essence, and frosting forever.

Body Lotion

Unfortunately, it seems that people that loved mango mandarin, jasmine vanilla, juicy nectarine, Tahiti sweetie, and warm apple pie will have to either go on the hunt for some leftovers, find them online, or switch to a new scent for their Bath and Body works lotions and fragrances.


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Body Cream

You will find all kinds of new and unique scents and fragrances, some of which are simply ‘recycled’ aromas they sold in the past.  If you were into refreshing garden mint, vanilla bean noel, chocolate fondue, cinnamon frosting or very festive pomegranate, you will have to find a new favorite.  Luckily, many of these are likely to resurface again under a slightly different name and appearance, but with very similar aroma to what you are used to.

Where to Shop

There are a number of different places you can shop for the cancelled fragrances and creams of your choice.  In the list below are just a few of the places you might want to check out.  There will always be lots of options out there, so this is just some of the more standard places you can look.

Amazon:  They carry many bottles of lotion from Bath and Body Works, including some that have been discontinued by the manufacturer.  Best of all, you can often find them pretty cheap.  Be sure to search carefully to make sure you can find exactly what you are looking for.

eBay:  People get them as gifts and then sell them on sites like eBay.  Plus, many people make a business of selling their perfumes, bath soaps, candles, and other items.


If you aren’t having any luck finding the right fragrance that you’ve come to love, try looking up ways to create your own.  There are online sites that specialize in recreating the aroma and smell of your favorite gels and lotions, perfumes, and candles.

You can also check out other brands to find very similar fragrances and scent to Bath and Body Works lotions and gels.  You will find many manufacturers produce the same basic aromas.


What Will Be Discontinued in the Future?

This is a great question.  Listed below are some of the most popular fragrances and lotions from Bath and Body Works that are likely to reach the end of their cycle relatively soon.  If your favorite is on the list, you might want to stock up now while you still can.

  • Aruba Coconut:  This one is very popular now, but will run its cycle.
  • Fresh Picked Strawberries:  If discontinued, there will be good substitutes. 
  • Moonlight Path:  This one could go soon. 
  • Bahama Fizz:  Like all scents, this one must be cancelled eventually.
  • Island Colada: This one could go relatively quickly.
  • Paris Amour:  A popular fragrance, but one that will be replaced.
  • Caribbean Escape:  There have been many similar to this that are no more.
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom:  Just another cherry blossom type that will go.
  • Pink Chiffon:  2012 could be the final year it is around.
  • Country Chic:  This one will be replaced eventually, as most are.
  • Kitchen Lemon:  Many lemon fragrances for lotions have come and gone.
  • Sweet Pea:  It is a classic, but it will most likely be abandoned at some point.
  • Dark Kiss:  A very popular fragrance now, but it will slow down.
  • Lilac Blossom:  Various versions of lilac have come and gone already.
  • Twilight Woods:  Rather unique, but it will end up discontinued with time.
  • Eucalyptus Spearmint:  There have been some similar ones already.
  • Midnight Pomegranate:  It is another pomegranate that will end up cancelled.
  • Warm Vanilla Sugar:  Smells great, but is likely to be abandoned.

Why Do They Discontinue Popular Scents?

Like any business, Bath and Body Works makes every effort to keep the inventory fresh and up to date.  For this reason, many of the favorites come and go, ushering the way for a new fragrance of lotions and gels.  They do it to keep the inventory new and appealing.   They do ‘recycle’ to some extent.  There are only so many ways to package vanilla.  But add fresh vanilla, vanilla bean, and some others to the mix with little to no variance, and it makes it look like they are always coming up with new product.  Discontinued Bath and Body Works scents, lotions, and fragrances will keep cycling.