Discontinued Easy Spirit shoes offer a great opportunity for saving money when you are looking for some new women's footwear. In fact, you may be able to save half or more when you get a new pair from the clearance section. This, however, only tells half the story. What happens when you find the perfect footwear that makes you feel like you're walking on a pillow of air, and then the company quits making them? This can make life a little difficult. Let's take a look at where to find discontinued Easy Spirit shoes, how to save a few bucks, and what to do when you cannot locate the discontinued Easy Spirit shoes you are used to wearing.


Easy Spirit Women's Romy Sneaker,White Multi,7.5 M
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(price as of Jul 19, 2016)

Where to find them – Online:

When you are in the hunt for discontinued Easy Spirit shoes you may want to check out some online sources. This may be your only hope, depending of course on when they quit making them. If the women's footwear made you feel like a goddess, you may want to check out some of these online sites.

Amazon: Yes, you can find discontinued Easy Spirit shoes from Amazon. In fact, many entrepreneurs will buy up as many as they can, once they find out the specific model will no longer be made, and sell them on sites like Amazon. Keep in mind that pricing can go a couple of ways when you search for discontinued Easy Spirit shoes. If there is a huge demand, the price could actually be much higher than the footwear was originally. Since there isn't much supply, the sellers can get away with it. If they were not in high demand, purchased as a large lot, then you may be able to save big bucks.

eBay: You may have to get into a bidding war to get discontinued Easy Spirit shoes from eBay, but many sellers have enabled the "buy it now" feature on these. Just like before, you may actually pay more for the clearance footwear, depending on supply and demand. You might want to see if you can find a used pair. This isn't appealing to many people, but if you can find some that were only wore once, you can get them quite cheap. Some discontinued Easy Spirit shoes can be purchased used for pennies on the dollar.

Online retailers: You can check any major footwear retailer online for discontinued Easy Spirit shoes. Some will buy huge lots from the manufacturer, so they can capitalize on the situation. In some cases, when the company is able to purchase them pretty cheap, they offer them at clearance pricing. It can be hard to sift through all the results, but it may be worth the effort. Be sure to compare multiple sites, since prices can vary quite a bit on discontinued Easy Spirit shoes. In addition, when you purchase from any online seller, it's important to take the cost of shipping into consideration, since it can really impact the purchase price.


Easy Spirit Women's Riptide Mule,Black/Dark Grey,8 M US
Amazon Price: $69.00 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 19, 2016)