You can find discontinued vinyl flooring tiles in a number of places. The cost benefits with this type of product are nothing short of spectacular. In fact, you may be able to replace the floor in your kitchen for well under $100, if you can install the peel and stick squares yourself. With easy installation, along with a cheap price, discontinued vinyl flooring tiles offer a real value for homeowners looking to make improvements. Let's take a look at some things you need to consider, before you rush in and make a purchase, along with great places to find the best deals on discontinued vinyl flooring tiles.

Where to find them:

You will have no problem finding discontinued vinyl flooring tiles online. They are readily available, like most other products, for purchase. There are a number of manufacturers, all with their own websites, that sell the peel and stick squares. You can do an internet search, or you can check out some other great online sites to get discontinued vinyl flooring tiles.

eBay: This really is a great place to get self adhesive floor material because you can purchase them at auction, often for a greatly reduced price. You will find no shortage of discontinued vinyl flooring tiles on online auction sites, like eBay. Be sure to stick with a reputable manufacturer and seller when you buy these from online auction sites, like eBay.

Craigslist: This really is one of the best places to look for discontinued vinyl flooring tiles. Many builder and carpenters buy the peel and stick squares up in huge quantities. When they begin to run low, they liquidate them at unbelievably cheap clearance prices. You will find bargains much better than the online sites or local stores, in many cases.

Amazon: This is another great spot to get discontinued vinyl flooring tiles. You can choose from many different types of peel and stick brands, so you won't run out of options. Be sure to look for quality items, and not just a cheap clearance price. Cheaper isn't always better with these types of products.

Many people prefer to shop for discontinued vinyl flooring tile locally, just in case there are any issues. This way, you can take the product back if you have problems, or get more if you run short, assuming they don't run out. This saves shipping and handling charges as well, which can be quite expensive. Self adhesive squares are very heavy, and therefore, incur very steep shipping and handling charges when bought online. This can add a great deal of expense to your purchase, and should be considered carefully when you look to buy discontinued vinyl flooring tile.

If you know a carpenter or contractor, contact them to see if they have any discontinued vinyl flooring tiles that they are trying to get rid of. You just may save a ton of money on the self adhesive floor you are after. It really never hurts to ask. Many will sell you them for what they paid for them. Builders often get great bulk discounts. You can save major money.

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