If summer is upon you or just around the corner then it is probably time to start shopping for discount air conditioners. Because the cost of new ac units for sale can be so high it puts them out of range for a lot of today's consumers especially with the condition of the economy. Luckily with demand, the constant feature upgrades, home remodels, competition, moving and more it is not difficult to find discount air conditioners.

Here are some key points to take into consideration before you set out to shop.

What to Consider when Searching Discount Air Conditioners

Before you set out to find ac units for sale you need to consider exactly what you are looking for in an air-conditioning unit.

1) Will this be being used in a rental apartment? If Yes, then for renters it is important to find out what types of units are allowed. Some apartments do not allow nor are designed for the use of window air-conditioning units.

2) Home owners - often you have free run to add whatever type of air conditioning system that you would like. However if you live in an area that participates in an HOA or other association that has rules about home add ons or structures contact the HOA to make sure your ac unit won't be breaking the rules.

3) Budget - No matter who you are you need to establish a budget ahead of time. This can help narrow your search of ac units for sale to only ones that are attainable for your needs.

4) What type of AC system are you looking for? (See below for more details)

5) How big a unit are you looking for. Especially important when dealing with HOA's or window units.

6) How big an area are you looking to provide cool air. Smaller single rooms will be able to be cooled using smaller units whereas larger rooms, more than one room or entire homes may require larger units or several small units

Different Types of Air Conditioning systems

Prices will, on standard, vary depending on system type and installation requirements if any so if you browse discount air conditioners in general be prepared to see prices from one side of the financial spectrum to the other.

  • Central AC - Central air conditioning systems require ducting to be installed in the home - typically in the floors or ceiling. These ducts allow the air and temperature to be distributed more evenly throughout the entire home instead of room by room. Since these units tend to be loud they are designed to house the motor - or brain of the unit outside of the home.
  • Portable Air Conditioning Units - These units are often the easiest discount air conditioners to find and ones most commonly seen in windows. You can also find some portable ac's that are used outside of windows and these do work well however these may be less functional unless you are trying to cool a single room or area.
  • Ductless AC's - Ductless heating and cooling units can be extremely time and cost effective. They don't require serious changes to your home and often include both efficient heating and cooling through the same units.
  • Evap Coolers - An evaporation cooler (better known in humid locations as a swamp cooler) is another option. This cooling option is less effective as the others but can make a difference in areas that experience extreme hot temperatures and humid climates. These units are often large square units that house a large fan and work through blowing air cooled by water.

What to Look for when Searching AC units for sale

  • Does it fit your budget?
  • Age of the discount air conditioners you are looking at
  • Condition and functionality when last used
  • Size of home/apartment where last used. - a small unit cooling a large home has most likely spent more time running to provide cooling which can age a unit.
  • Size of unit or space required vs. space alloted

Where to Find Discount Air Conditioners

Your best bet finding ac units for sale that are in your price range, if you are working with a budget, is to check the following locations: online classifieds such as your local newspaper, craigslist and 2good2toss. Used goods or Charity based stores that offer used but workable merchandise such as: Good Will, Value Village, Salvation Army, Discount home improvement stores. You can also find a broad selection of both new and used discount air conditioners on Amazon.com - here you can browse by condition and also compare the prices between numerous sellers for both new and used ac systems.

Really take the time to follow the steps so that you are not left with an unusable purchase. Try to look for people and/or companies that are willing to offer some sort of warranty or coverage period.