Are you looking for ballet slippers for girls that are made by good-quality manufacturers, yet affordable at the same time? If your young girl has been asking for a pair of pretty pink ballet slippers for dress up games or for genuine ballet practice, there are a lot to choose from online. No longer is the practice slipper one regulation shape and structure. Today's versions come with different types of soles and cute lining colors that make them much more interesting to wear and own. Of course, the main function of any dance shoe for ballet class is flexibilty and comfort.

Pink Leather Bloch Ballet Slippers For Girls

Bloch Bunny Hop Ballet SlipperCredit: Discountdance.comAren't these slippers adorable? The Bunny Hop slippers by Bloch are the perfect choice for any young dancer.  They are one of the best-selling beginner shoes for ballerina-hopefuls that are just starting out in the dance world.  Toddler ballet classes are generally all about learning to move with music, so the name Bunny Hop is quite appropriate.

Bloch is a world-famous manufactuere of dance shoes and considered one of the best quality brand names in the business. Bloch also makes a wide variety of soft slipper styles that work with each individual dancer as they advance in their training.

 Capezio Makes Great Styles For Young Students

Another world leader in the dance apparel market is Capezio. This company has been in the business of making dance shoes for more than 100 years. I personally love Capezio brand products and know that I am getting a great product for the money. One of Capezio's most popular girl's ballet slipper is the Daisy model. Another adorable name for a girl's slipper! Shopping for the best price on the Capezio Daisy is much easier online. Unless you happen to have a fully-stocked dance supply retailer near you, online ballet slipper hunting is more convenient for busy moms.

Sansha Is A Popular Choice For Girls Ballet Slippers

Along with Bloch and Capezio, the Sansha company is another great maker of many variations of soft ballet slippers in sizes that work for younger students. The Sansha Star split sole shoe is not only popular with beginners, adult dancers love them too. The Sansha Star comes in a wide range of sizes. It even comes in the tinniest toddler sizes too.

Finding the right pair at the right price is important for a lot of dance moms (or dads). When you consider how short of a time a kid will wear the same size ballet slipper, it makes sense to buy them at a discount dance supply company online. To see all the styles I mentioned here and more, visit the Amazon links below for more cute ballet slippers for girls.

The Bunny Hop Ballet Slipper

By Bloch of Australia

The Daisy In Pink Or Black

Made by Capezio

Capezio Women's Daisy Ballet Shoe
Amazon Price: $19.95 Buy Now
(price as of Apr 18, 2014)

The Star Ballet Slipper

By Sansha

Child "Star Split" Canvas Split-Sole Ballet Slipper,15C
Amazon Price: Buy Now
(price as of Apr 18, 2014)