Discount Bowling Balls: Chase The Sound Of Thunder

There's nothing better than the sound of deep rumbling your bowling ball makes as it rolls unerringly towards its strike target. Well, almost, because if that bowling ball has the marks of uniqueness that say 'ME' written all over it, that would make it perfect. If that sounds like music to your ears then you don't have to worry about spending a whole lot of money on an expensive bowling ball; discount bowling balls will rumble to your rescue. The internet is interspersed with sites offering a stunning range of bowling balls at discount rates, so pull on those bowling shoes and go do some ball-hunting.

Introducing Discount Bowling Balls From Big-Brand Names

White Dot balls, some of the most respected and popular bowling balls in the world, brought to you by Columbia 300, are nowhere near the most expensive balls in the world. These great discount bowling balls are available for as little as $42 a piece. The fresh and vibrant range of color schemes under WD's new logo are bound to thrill you as their predecessors have titillated literally hundreds of thousands of bowlers, if not millions, for the last 30 years.

For those who love the punch that polyester packs, there are Ebonite Maxim's new color schemes in the range of $45. The new schemes include Captain Fireball, Hot Pink, Black/Red/Silver, and Red/Blue/Silver, among others. The pricing is not bad for a bowling ball that's 'best-in-class', as well as classy – you'll still have money left over for refreshments.

That's nowhere near the end of the list: AMF's Orbit and Xtreme lines of discount bowling balls even come with a glow-in-the-dark finish that will give an eerie appearance as the ball rises out of the depths of the transport band tunnel. These Polyester power balls are guaranteed to 'glow your mind'. And with a retail price of $50, they're extremely cost effective as well.

Brunswick, one of the recognized world leaders, and champions of the sport of bowling, don't seem to have dropped the ball in the discount bowling balls category either. Brunswick's answer to the discount bowling balls challenge is Target Zone, the $42 range of smoke-swirl patterned beginner balls. They're also great as spares, or if you want a change of scenery once in a while.

Hammer Axe might sound like something a lumberjack would use, and you'd be half-right – this does qualify as a weapon of destruction. Pins beware, because this severe sphere is going to force you to call a strike. Although at $45 it doesn't strike fear into the hearts of wallets the world over, which is great.

KR Strikeforce's discount bowling balls are ideal for those perfect young ladies of the lanes, with their Shrek the Third Princess bowling balls all prettied up for their night out with the girls. This $56 hard-to-find Viz-a-Ball is sure to thrill anyone who's a big fan of Shrek the Third, and is bound to get you a following of loyal subjects in the bargain; at a bargain.

Discount Bowling Balls: From Strength To Strength

All of these brands are great for beginners, or to have as a spare for your main ball. Of course, if you're gearing up to be a professional you'll need to start thinking about moving into the next price band, where once again these great companies can kit you up with the best discount bowling balls available online today. You can be confident that no matter what brand you buy, your faith in these frugal friends will be justified in the end. You may also want to consider going for a matching bowling bag to store your precious polyester; after all, a scuffed ball is no good to you if you want the accuracy and finesse that gets you those 300 games night after night.