There are many options available to you if you are refinishing a dresser or set of cabinets when it comes to the drawer pulls. Brass drawer handles are actually some of the most favored decorative drawer pulls you can get however due to their low cost, durability, and ability to fit in well with many types of home décor. Unlike many other types of specialty hardware like crystal drawer pulls or porcelain door knobs, finding discount brass drawer handles for sale is quite easy and you don't really have to shop around for price unless you are buying a large quantity of drawer handles.

Of course many pieces of furniture in recent years come with brass drawer pulls installed as the generic low cost option. As a result of these drawer handles being used in so many cheap or discount pieces of furniture and cabinetry these types of drawer pulls are often the most frequent to need replacement or repair. As with all cheap pieces of hardware discount brass drawer pulls are often one of the most likely pieces of decorative cabinet hardware to need replacement.

Cost Of Drawer Handles For Sale

As previously stated discount brass cabinet handles are not that expensive when compared to more decorative options such as glass dresser drawer pulls, thematic star drawer pulls, or antique drawer handles but even still the costs can add up if you need a lot of drawer pulls for a particular project. For instance if you have a broken or missing drawer pull you can probably run down to your local hardware store and pick up a generic discount brass drawer pull fro a couple bucks. If the knob is a unique design you may need to shop around online for an exact match but still your costs will be quite reasonable. If however you are restoring a chest of drawers or an entire cabinet set the costs of buying tens of drawer pulls coupled with matching cabinet backplates as needed could add up quickly.

Single brass drawer pulls can be had at your local hardware store for a couple bucks and fancier decorative brass drawer pulls may be a bit more but can likely be found for less than five dollars. Of course there are also vintage or antique style brass drawer pulls which are far more elaborate by design and these can cost upwards of ten dollars per unit depending on the style and the store you buy from. Just make sure you know what type of drawer pull you need and make sure to comparison shop if you feel the costs may be a bit high for the design.

Even if you find yourself going for the cheapest of all brass drawer handles make sure you op to shop online rather than in a traditional store. The reason for this is because buying in bulk almost always results in cost savings on a per unit level. Just like you could save over all by buying a crystal door knob or a vintage door knob backplate online you can similarly save money on the cheapest of all cabinet hardware by simply finding an online retailer that offers free or low cost shipping and bulk rate pricing.

Types Of Brass Drawer Handles

Most of the cheapest brass drawer handles tend to fall under the shiny brass category otherwise known as a satin brass finish. This is typically a very simple design style and goes with just about anything. But in addition to satin finish brass there are many other types of brass drawer handles for you to choose from if you are going for a more design inspired motif. Some popular types of brass dresser drawer handles and knobs include antique brass, burnished brass, oxidized brass, and rust brass. Each of these styles has it's own unique qualities and the coloring and texture changes accordingly.

Of the many types of brass the satin finish and the burnished brass tend to be the brightest and shiniest of the different styles. Satin brass drawer handles tend to be the cheapest as well. The other styles of brass hardware tend to be dark metals with rougher textures and are more appropriately used on antique furniture, darker woods, and in rustic or country inspired home décor. Some of these darker brass style cabinet pieces ar reminiscent of oil rubbed bronze cabinet hardware and priced a bit higher but over all remain reasonably priced compared to more expensive options.

Where To Find Discount Brass Handles For Sale

The best thing to keep in mind when you are looking for discount brass drawer handles for sale is that brass is fairly inexpensive even in it's most decorative forms and it is usually readily available at most local hardware stores although it may not be available in the type and style you want. For instance your local hardware store may have discount stain finish brass cabinet hardware in a few different varieties but they may not have design inspired oxidized brass drop pulls for your dresser drawers. As your tastes get more specific you need to start focusing on other types of stores to get your decorative hardware.

Luckily shopping online at the specialty warehouse hardware stores is both easy and cheap. Online specialty stores like The Hardware Hut, Hardware Source, and Home Decor Hardware tend to offer exceptional prices compared to traditional hardware stores and many offer bulk pricing discounts on everything from the most expensive items to the cheapest brass drawer handles. You should also consider comparison shopping on the big online retailers websites like eBay and Amazon as these have lots of small retailers who may be able to offer some thing unique for your design and possibly deeper discounts. You never know until you shop around.

Amazon in particular has a wide selection of brass drawer handles that may be tough to match elsewhere. If you can't find what you are looking for there you may be looking for an item that is out of stock. If this is the case eBay will likely be your best bet as many items that cross through their platform are used and come from out of stock or antique sources. Prices for vintage hardware may be a bit more expensive but it all depends on what you are looking for.