Although only a small piece of easily forgotten hardware door knob backplates can make a door look design inspired. Cheap or discounted door knob backplates are also quite affordable and easy to install if you have an old door knob with a sad or small backplate that need replacement. Though door knobs typically come with backplates when purchased these backplates are not always the ideal pieces of hardware when it comes to matching with a room's décor or style for this reason you may want to consider replacing your door knob backplate as it can add a nice subtle change to the look of your entry way.

Traditional Bronze Door Knob BackplatesLike most other similar types of hardware and accessories like door knobs, drawer pulls, and cabinet backplates the door knob backplate is one of those items that can be found at large local hardware stores or home improvement superstores but typically only in small varieties. This can be great for people who need to quickly replace a broken piece with a cheap replacement however the backplates rarely actually break. Usually the door knob itself breaks or a homeowner simply want s to focus his interior design efforts on his home's details, thus replacement of generic backplates for decorative door knob backplates is a good step to take.

Overall this type of replacement hardware is not very expensive. You would be hard pressed to find truly expensive backplates unless you were looking for the most heavily decorated back plates made from amazingly expensive materials. Having said that buying even relatively inexpensive pieces of hardware can add up when the quantity purchased is large enough. You could of course want something fancy but for most people it is all a matter of style and function that guides these decisions as well as the size of the purchase order.

Types Of Door Knob Backplates And Hardware

Gothic Style Door Knob BackplatesOne of the first things to consider in buying door knob backplates is what color and size will be most appropriate for your interior design. Assuming you have the door knob that you want and your door is finished then finding a good complimentary color should be easy. If silver or grey is a natural choice for your design then you should stick to stainless steel, brushed nickel, or even a darker pewter. Each of these metals and many others will have their own price range and depending on the design may be priced at a premium to other similar items.

Additionally you can find wood backplates for sale which can be a good value and provide a unique look. Unfortunately however these and many other types of door backplates and hardware won't be found in stores that simply don't have the means to carry so much variety in their inventory levels. This is the inherent problem with traditional stores along with their propensity to maintain higher prices on average. To find quality wooden hardware you will have to stick with specialty stores and you may even want to consider custom designs from local wood shops.

Antique Style Brass Doorknob BackplatesIf you want to find a good selection of hardware including a lot of variety in styles and materials then you have to visit the specialty hardware retailers online. Many of these retailers have huge networks of different products and typically sell their products for less by the piece. The savings can usually add up as many purchases of cheap drawer pulls, or dresser drawer handles, electrical outlet covers, or door knob backplates end up being quite large as most homes need many pieces of each item. A small two dollar discount can add up to a hundred dollars easily for big purchases.

Some big name online retailers like Amazon and eBay are also good places because they bring together many small merchants into one place and allow for excellent comparison shopping. You can easily see the price differential between types of products. Crystal products are often ten times the cost of glass; nickel is usually one of the lowest cost options. Plated metals cost lass than solid metals and different types of wood cost more or less than others.

When you are able to comparison shop and buy the hardware you want for the lowest price possible and then magnify those savings on a per unit basis you can usually save a lot of money over simply heading down to your local home improvement store and buying whatever happens to be on the shelves. Of course this may be ideal for the cheap and quick replacement of generic hardware items but typically thee items aren't replaced that often unless home interior decorating is the primary focus.

Where To Buy Cheap Door Knob Backplates

Of course not everyone needs fancy vintage style or antique inspired backplates. Highly decorated hardware is really only a niche market which is why your local hardware stores won't usually have much in stock. If you are in need of a quick replacement piece or even just a handful of cheap knob backplates for a few doors in your house then you should be able to find what you need at your local big box home improvement store and quality possibly at a local Wal-Mart. Your results may vary depending on the store you visit but for the cheapest and quickest replacement parts there's no reason to not try these stores.

In the end it's most important to install some sort of backplate behind your door knobs and drawer handles, and cabinet pulls because these are high use areas and the constant use of this hardware will slowly inflict a lot of damage on the surfaces directly behind the handles. Doors behind the knobs are notorious for getting scuffed up and damaged over long periods of time as are kitchen cabinets, dresser drawers, and other cabinets and chests. Protecting these surfaces is fairly cheap when compared to the restoration that may need to be done in future years. You always have the option of buying decorative door knob backplates but to protect and preserve even the cheapest will work just fine.