Finding a good selection and variety of discount door knobs and related hardware is strangely difficult these days. Despite the fact that most neighborhoods have at least one mega home goods and hardware store you would think it would be easy to get a good variety of door knobs but because these gigantic hardware stores cater to just about every item a person can think of the selections they offer within specific items types is fairly slim.

If you want to buy whatever cheap door knob you can find then these stores will probably be fine; the prices might be a bit higher than elsewhere but the items are fine. But if you want to shop for a door knob and matching door knob backplate that fits perfectly with your home's décor then you are going to have to either get lucky in the big box stores or you will have to start your search online at one of the many online specialty hardware stores.

As another option for the acquisition of the cheapest door knobs without shopping online you should consider shopping at your garden variety big box discount retailers like Walmart and Target. These stores carry many common hardware items like discount door knobs and may be able to satisfy your needs if you don't have very many requirements for size, color, material, or design of the door knob in question.

If on the other hand you are looking for a very specific porcelain door knob or and even higher end crystal door knob then these discount stores just aren't going to cut it. To satisfy these wants and many others the various specialty and decorative hardware retailers will have to do the job. They cater specifically to people looking for very specific product types and they satisfy their customer's needs and wants by offering extremely wide selections of decorative hardware, enough to usually have whatever anyone happens to be looking for.

Some decorative hardware retailers online have just about every kind of hardware item you can think of coming in just about any size, color, and style. If you are looking for a very particular antique styled knob, star shaped drawer pull, or a pink crystal drawer knob then stores like this and conglomerate online retailers like Amazon and eBay are just abut your only options depending on the market in your local vicinity.

The online retailers of decorative cabinet hardware are also good for keeping costs low too because they do not operate with traditional overhead. Because they are online they can warehouse many more items than a traditional store spreading their overhead costs out over many more products and discounting the products they sell accordingly. This results in lower prices almost all the time over the big stores we all have grown accustomed to in commercial and retail zones.

Discount door knobs sold in stores will likely be some of the best all around door knobs at the lowest prices possible but the same door knobs can usually be found online for less. Major traditional retailers try to cater to mass appeal because their customer base is mach smaller than the potential customer base of an online merchant. To make consistent sales in a neighborhood you need to only sell what the average person needs. If you are really interested in finding the most heavily discounted door knobs and hardware then there are options for those as well but in general the cheapest door knobs in a hardware store will not be the cheapest hardware you can find elsewhere.

As opposed to traditional door knobs the cheap hardware is usually made of lesser quality materials, many plastics, and the construction of these knobs are not as durable. This is ok for interior doors not meant to be locked or provide any kind of security. Many doors inside the house are merely there to block a view into a closet and the door knobs doesn't even get used but once in a great while.

For projects such as replacing these knobs the cheapest door knobs you can buy will usually do the trick. You may even find that the price of buying these door knobs can even go down further if you buy in bulk. This may not be necessary but if you want all of your random door knobs in your house to match then changing them all out at once to the same type and style of knob may be worth it.

The cheapest door knobs online are not going to run you very much, maybe ten dollars at most. If you are going for something of average quality a standard interior locking knob can run you around twenty dollars. For the highest quality exterior door knobs you will definitely pay a bit more. Also depending on the material the knob is made of will make a big difference however a normal exterior door knob will likely run you between forty and one hundred dollars making this an obvious candidate to buy online as the savings will be the greatest over traditional stores.

Some of the highest quality exterior door knobs will be too fancy for your needs however which means that the most expensive door knobs may not necessarily be the best for you. There are plenty of high quality exterior door knobs which are actually quite affordable. If you want to get a discount exterior door knob then make sure you identify the features you don't need as these extra features such as extra fancy locking mechanisms can increase the cost of the door knob dramatically as can the decorative appeal of the knobs design.

If you are in the market for discount door knobs and hardware you should at least price some of the higher end varieties and some of the higher end materials as these will be more durable and will look better in your home. You may op to still buy the cheapest you can find however you may also find the price differential is not that great and trading up to a higher quality knob may be just fine.