When you purchase discount granite countertops, you want to make sure they are of good quality. If the they have large cracks in them, too many stains on them or if they look rusty, then you shouldn’t purchase them. It’s also a good idea to purchase discount granite countertops from trusted retailers. For example, Ebay is a good online store in general but it may not be the best place to get the because some of the sellers may not give you the best products. When you purchase the countertops, you need to research the retailers and one way to do this is to visit the Better Business Bureau’s website and read customer reviews.

The benefit of discount granite countertops is that you can buy these in bulk at low prices if you’re getting more than one countertop for the home. When you get them, you’re also avoiding the big crowds at some of the major home improvement stores depending on where you get them.

With discount granite countertops you’ll have extra money for other aspects of your home improvement projects. For example, when I purchased my countertops it left me with more money to use on other bathroom renovation expenses such as the toilet, new flooring, a new shower head and another tub to replace my outdated one. I knew a friend who had plenty of money left to renovate his kitchen when he got the discount.

Discount granite countertops allow you to purchase in bold colors and designs without feeling guilty about the costs. With such countertops, you’re able to experiment with new kinds of granite at a minimal cost. This is great for those who like to switch things up.

When you get them, you can get high quality product at decent prices. They also let you renovate your home luxuriously while paying a good price and you won’t feel bad about paying so much money. Some people won’t renovate their kitchens or bathrooms unless they can purchase discount granite countertops for the project. My aunt only changes her bathroom vanity countertop when the local granite wholesaler offers their yearly clearance sale. She says this keeps her from spending high costs on the countertops..

Discount granite countertops save you money and time because some outlets give discounts on the installation of them. This was the case with a neighbor. He not only got a discounton his countertops but he also got a discount on the installation.

Granite Countertop Costs

If you want to save more money on granite countertop costs, you should look in your Sunday newspaper and cut some coupons from granite company manufacturers. These manufacturers offer great discounts with these coupons and it’s a good idea if you need to buy a lot of granite for two or more countertops. When you use the manufacturers’ coupons, look at the expiration date on them and restrictions with the coupons.

Another way to save money on granite countertop costs is to visit local granite companies and online granite retailers. You’ll find weekly sales on the granite countertops and some of the discounts come as “75% off” or “50% off”, and this saves you a lot of money. Some local granite companies give discounts on the installation of the countertops. Research different granite companies before purchasing the items they offer on sale.

To save money on granite countertop costs, you can visit home expos and look for bargains there. When you visit the home expos, you should look for discount granite countertops that match your preferences and home’s main colors. The vendors that are at the home expos often have bargains on items they want to get rid of or new products they’re trying to promote.

Another way to save money on granite countertop costs is to order from mail-order catalogs. Mail-order catalogs often feature granite countertops on sale during a limited time and if you’re working on a home improvement project soon, you can buy the granite countertop in bulk.

Home improvement stores can save you money on granite countertop costs because most home improvement stores have a flooring or millworks department. When I used to work in a home improvement store, I would get requests all the time from customers who wanted custom-made granite countertops at discount prices.

In some cases, you may be able to save money on granite countertops by purchasing recycled granite countertops from stores which promote eco-friendly home improvement products. Sometimes these stores offer discounts for the purpose of educating others about going green when renovating the home. The salesclerk at this store may also give you helpful advice on how to go green when improving the home. With discount recycled granite countertops, you’re making positive changes to the environment.

Outdoor community fairs are also great places to save money on granite countertop costs. This is a good way to support the local economy and your fellow residents while getting a good discount. Always inspect the items for quality and ask the sellers when the granite countertops were first purchased. The sellers at these fairs often carry deep discounts. 


One available granite countertop color is gray. Gray is a popular granite countertop color because it blends well with every theme and color pattern of most rooms. If you have reddish gray ceramic tile floors gray countertop colors are complementary to these tile floors. You don’t have to get solid gray granite because nowadays you can get gray combination such as gray/red, green/gray, beige/gray and black/gray. Gray granite countertops are versatile and most granite companies sell them at discount prices. In addition, they add elegance to a room.

Other available granite countertop colors are blue and green. This color combination is unique and you’ll find these at local granite companies and online retailers. With blue and green granite countertops, you can add an extra flair to the kitchen and these countertops also work well with bathrooms. If you don’t like neutral colors, a blue and green granite countertop would work well for your room. 

White granite is another widely available color on the market. White granite brings a calming and subtle effect to a kitchen and this is a good idea if you want to add balance to your kitchen. Some white granite countertops have hints of brown, gray and black in them so this is great choice if you like multicolored white granite.

Black granite is widely available and you’ll add a luxurious look to the kitchen or bathroom with this color. Black granite works best with light-colored rooms and you can accessorize it by adding brass collectibles, picture frames or a small stack of old-school cookbooks to the black granite countertop.