Kids bedroom furniture can be a little bit expensive at times. It also really seems to dominate a room especially if you're buying it in sets. Plus, your kid might've just had the same pieces throughout their lives and really want something new. Here are a few ways that you can shop around your house including the attic and your basement to really get pieces that are still going to work in this kind of space.

One thing that you can consider going with is wood kids bedroom furniture. This allows you to mix and match a lot of the pieces such as end tables or even a small table that can work as a desk. You can then coordinate it with the furniture that you already have. In this case, you could create an entire theme such as a nautical feeling for boys but keep it quite subtle just so that then it's very sophisticated. Just try painting the walls navy blue.

Red bedroom furniture is also very popular in little girl's rooms but you can really have a little bit more fun with this. In this case, you use distressed elements. You can really add wood appliqués yourself. Try sanding them down for a worn kind of finish. This is going to be shabby chic and it's a way that you can really spruce up the furniture that you already have.

You can have a lot of fun with these pieces. Chalkboard paint has really become very popular. You could try this on anything from a headboard to a dresser or a desk. This brings in a cool black color and it's also a way for your child to express their creativity. We are seeing this a lot in designer magazines but you can really create the same look yourself. Plus, then your child can draw whatever design they want. One day it could be polka dots or stripes and change their mind the next day. This can work for almost any age or any gender because it is such a unique idea. However, if you're going with it in an older kids room or even an adult space then you probably just want to stick with simple lines then just use white chalk with a very defined pattern. You could even create a damask print with it. Sure, this will take a little bit more time that does give you a much more sophisticated look.

Another thing that you can really look to when you're going with discount bedroom furniture is to shop at thrift stores. Right now both modern and retro designs are popular. This focuses either on clean lines or very ornate pieces. Whenever you do use ornate pieces in a kids room you should paint them a very funky color such as red or turquoise. This is going to be different than the wood tones that you'll probably find these pieces in originally.

If you have cheap kids bedroom furniture then you can really experiment a lot with this. Even if it's just a set you can change up one piece to really make it a focal point. For instance you could just try handpainting or decoupaging a large butterfly on a dresser or a desktop. This can be a very graphic element. This can be sophisticated enough for kids. Plus it's still useful enough for girls. It's really going to be different than a lot of the white bedroom furniture that you see around.