Beautiful discount lighting fixtures can allow home renovation projects to stay on budget without giving up durability or efficiency. Elaborate fixtures don't have to be expensive.

At the same time, you need not settle for plain jane fixtures in order to get affordable prices. Here are some ways you can get the lighting units you want without breaking your renovation budget.

Specialty businesses that provide a service of dismantling and reclaiming fixtures, lumber, hardware and other parts of homes that are scheduled for demolition are available in some parts of the country.

These businesses often offer bargain prices on all types of wonderful items. Everything from crystal chandeliers to weathered barn timber can be found. The drawback is that you can't depend on what you will find at any particular time.

Searching the inventory of such a business is like wandering through a treasure trove of building materials and supplies. In many areas around the country, merchants and builders who participate in the Habitat for Humanity program donate building supplies to use in the projects.

The items that are not required for the specific building projects are sold in Habitat stores at bargain prices. As with recycled materials, you can not depend on which of these fixtures might be available at any given time.

Light fixtures sold on the Internet are often somewhat less expensive than those that can be found locally, especially in less populated areas where competition is not as strong.

By searching for products on the Internet, you can compare prices and quality to find the best deals. You will have to take shipping charges into consideration when shopping on the Web.

Small boutique type lighting fixture stores may have less expensive items when there is a closeout sale. Small stores need inventory turnover in order to thrive. Merchants may elect to sell fixtures at a loss rather than to have them taking up valuable display space.

Like many other products, lighting fixtures follow fashion cycles. If the product doesn't sell at full price, then getting a discounted amount is helpful for the merchant and for the buyer.

Look for discount lighting fixtures in yard sales, garage sales, estate sales and auction events. Small local auctions of the second-hand store type often have some great items that can be had for almost nothing.

Second-hand stores may be associated with these local auctions. Watch for classified advertisements placed in newspapers or online.