Microfiber Sectional Sofas

When you're shopping for a new couch, there are many things that you have to consider before deciding to spend hundreds, if not thousands, of bucks for a piece of furniture. When deciding which microfiber sectional sofa to buy, consider the look, the color, cost, fabric and the size of it. Consider too its durability, practicality, and whether it fits your home's sense of style.

Crucial in choosing your sofa is the matter of how much wear and tear it is going to get. So if you are planning to buy a new couch for your family room or living room where there is a high level of activity, a fabric that can withstand the abuse and rigors of daily living is an important consideration.

There are a lot of sofa styles and makes that are available. Comfort sitting has been taken to a whole new level of meaning, coming in a variety designs that correspond to various lifestyles. The latest fusion blending a scientific and artistic approach is the use of microfiber in developing furniture upholstery.

What is microfiber?

Microfiber is a synthetic fiber which measures less than one denier (1 denier = 1 gram of material per 9,000 meters.) The lower the denier of any fabric, the finer the material. Actually, since the denier is actually based on a natural standard - a single strand of silk is one denier - that means microfibers are actually finer than silk!

The most common microfiber types are usually made from polyamides, polyesters or a mix of polyesters and polyamides. Microfiber is commonly used for apparel, upholstery, industrial filters and cleaning products. It is used to make non-woven, woven and knitted textiles. The size, shape and combinations of these synthetic fibers are selected for certain characteristics, which include: durability, softness, wicking abilities, absorption, filtering capabilities, electrodynamics, and water repellency .

Microfiber in comfort sitting

Microfiber is 100 times finer than human hair and is a state of the art, man made fiber. This can be woven, processed, and finished in a variety of ways to achieve a desired result. Easy maintenance has made microfiber sofas become very popular. Fabrics made from microfiber are lightweight, soft, and easy to maintain.

Microfiber has excellent wicking properties. The material can absorb oils and moisture and will not allow both to set on its surface. So there is no need to worry if your guests or family members spill wine or other liquids into your sofa. Microfiber also has the ability to mimic suede, so it feels luxurious without the luxury price tag. Additionally, microfibers leave no traces of dust or lint, and are recommended for those suffering from allergies.

Combine the practicality of microfiber and the stylish functionality of a sectional sofa, and what do you get? A perfect match.

Microfiber sectional sofas come in all kinds of colors and patterns to match any room decor. This will save you much time and grief in designing and decorating your rooms.

Sectional sofas have variability in function and can be fitted into any room. So, it does not matter how your room is configured. With a microfiber sectional sofa you can furnish a square room, a U shaped den, or an L-shaped nook. Its sections can be used singularly to fit small nooks, or your can break up the modular units to open some space in a room.

Sectional sofas are designed not only to seat your guests or family members, but they are also convertible into beds. The sofas can also be specifically designed to include storage drawers, fi you prefer more storage convenience.

Other advantages of using microfiber sectional sofas include:

* Microfiber sofas are very affordable.
* They are not heavy so it is easy to re-arrange the furniture sets at anytime.
* They are inherently durable.
* Low to the floor, they allow you to play board games on the floor while still having a back rest.

How to care for your microfiber sofas

For cleaning microfiber furniture, just use a small amount of mild detergent (for example dish soap or laundry detergent) mix it with a little water to have get your microfiber sofa cleaned in a jiffy.

Odors left by pet's urine stains can be easily eliminated by blotting the area with distilled water and white vinegar, applying baking soda, and vacuuming it. If the fabric is real microfiber, cleaning is an easy and delightfully convenient process. Imitation materials, though, are much tougher to clean.

Occasionally, it might be necessary to have it steam-cleaned. It is fairly safe, but a professional service is your best bet if you want to get your microfiber sofa cleaned and protected.

Polyester is used as the base fabric in many microfiber sofas because it can absorb color better than the other materials. This forces the color to remain in the fiber so no other treatments are required.
Microfiber sectional sofas are a great investment for your home, which allows you a lot of freedom in designing and redecorating, without the hassle of worrying about how to keep it looking clean and fresh every day.