Discount mirrors to the rescue (of the prudent shopper)

Admittedly, though mirrors are extremely prolific around the world and you can find them in nearly every residential and commercial building (except in Count Dracula's castle, possibly), they can often be very expensive because of the materials they use, along with the framing and other fixture costs. Fortunately, there are other alternatives when you want to buy a mirror but don't want to see the look of horror on your face as you buy it – discount mirrors. Nearly every type of expensive mirror on the market has a discount cousin somewhere on the internet waiting to be grabbed by the astute online shopper. Why don't you be the one?

Discount mirrors: Hanging and wall mirrors

Hanging mirrors are probably the most common and popular type around. Although you'd have to pay a pretty hefty price for one of those ornately framed mountable mirrors, discount mirrors have made a foray into this price arena as well, with some amazing results. For example, at the Bowery lighting company in New York (, you can get a 24-inch mirror that's listed at $191.27 for $151.80, shipped free. The hand laid silver leaf finish with a gray-glaze four and a half inch wide wooden frame will look elegant with several interior color themes like chrome metal, white and gray. Still in the "under $200" category, you can have your own 34-inch framed beveled discount mirror with an embossed copper on wood panel that would look very elegant in any brown-leather setting. At $195.80, that's not a bad deal at all. If you're up to spending another $50 or so, you can even get yourself a full-length 76-inch mirror with an exotic black undercoat.

Discount mirrors: Cheval mirrors

If you're looking for a mirror with a fancy French name without the fancy French pricing, how about trying a cheval mirror for $85? This great deal is available at and will surely make your friends ask you where you got this antique, so be ready with a really elaborate story about French antecedents. Of course, you may want to remove the "Made in Atlanta" label on the back first. You'll be glad you picked it up from here because other than, you'll only get this price here, with other stores offering the same thing at two or three times as much.

Discount mirrors: Table tops and Vanities

This type of mirror can cost you anything from $200 and up, but there are some great discount mirrors that are winning price battles here as well. You can get a cool Swirl Stem make-up mirror for as little as $99.99 at It comes in a choice of 5X and 7X magnification, perfect for eye-make up and shaving – though not at the same time unless you're gothic! Good choice for any chic comfort station. If you want really deep discounting, then try Amazon, where you can find vanity mirrors in the $10 to $30 range, the more expensive of those being the back-lit variety.

Discount mirrors: Important tips

If you're buying from an unfamiliar website, check their credentials; that would be their shipping, returns and privacy policies. When you receive the package, make sure you check for any damages to the packaging before you sign for it. A decent site will allow for returns or exchanges within a specified time, so be sure to keep the receipt in a safe place should you need it later. Even though you can get great discount mirrors in several leading retail stores as well, experience has shown that the greatest discounting happens on the web. Unfortunately, that's where the most fraud and borderline unethical practice is also prevalent, so being extra careful can only help.