When you buy discount mountain bikes, it can often feel like a gamble and you may not know whether or not you are going to get ripped off or not. However, in most cases, discount mountain bikes are actually a very good investment as long as you pay close attention to where you purchase them from and why they are priced so low to begin with. Obviously if you get a cheap MTB that is marked down because it's an unpopular model or one with a bad reputation, it's not going to be a very good deal. The trick is to look for MTBs that are on clearance because they are starting to get old. The best discount mountain bikes for sale will be those that are about to become "last year's models".

If you notice, MTB companies will usually come out with new line-ups every year. Right before this happens, the current models will usually go on clearance in order to get sold quicker. For example, at the time of writing this article, there are already some 2010 discount mountain bikes. This is because 2011 is right around the corner and many companies have already began releasing their new line-up and you can already find some of the best discount mountain bikes for cheap prices, and the great thing is there is nothing technically "wrong" with them, they're just a bit old. You could even still find models from 2009 and those are super cheap.

Discount Mountain Bikes

Where to Buy Discount Mountain Bikes for Sale

So by now you must be wondering where you can get a hold of some killer deals on cheap MTBs. Fortunately for you, I am about to overview several of the most reputable and viable resources both online and around your area to buy discount mountain bikes. Since your primary goal is probably to save the most money possible, you will want to try and shop at as many places as possible, that way you have plenty of prices and models to compare to help ensure you get the lowest price.

Buy Discount Mountain Bikes Online

Since you're already on the internet, we might as well start with this section. Luckily, the web has the most options to consider when compared to shopping around town. Here are a few great resources to help get started on finding discount mountain bikes:

Amazon.com - Amazon is the place to be when it comes to clearances. Here you can buy discount mountain bikes for sale from several of your favorite brand names including GMC, Pacific, Mongoose, Schwinn, Kawasaki, Diamonback and many, many more. This site is known for its cheap prices anyway, so if you visit at the right time when MTBs usually go on clearance you can save a ton of money.

BikesDirect.com - This site isn't the most attractive nor is it very easy to navigate but it is definitely a great place to buy discount mountain bikes. Their tag line speaks about saving up to 60% off on MTBs and they are not bluffing. All of their products are marked super low and they carry popular brands like Shimano, Deore, Altus/Alcera, 29er. They also have a very good selection of cheap MTB parts and accessories.

JensonUSA.com - Similar to BikesDirect, you can save up to 60% off most of the time on JensonUSA. They have some of the best discount mountain bikes for sale and they are an actual outlet store in real life. You can use the store locator on their website to see if their are any near you but the selection they have online is amazing. They have 5 main tabs on the homepage titled "Outlet Stores", "Closeouts", "Hot Deals", "New Items" and "Scratch and Dent", and each of them are awesome resources that lead to where you can buy discount mountain bikes online through their site.

REI.com - Here is another real-life store famous for its huge selections and affordable prices that has a website that I highly recommend checking out. They also have an outlet store and that's where the best discount mountain bikes will be, but there usually won't be nearly as many as they have on the main site. They have tons of major brands in stock like Cannondale, GT, Marin, Novara, Raleigh and Scott.

Buy Discount Mountain Bikes for Sale In-Store

While you can almost always find the biggest selection of cheap MTBs on the web, you often are stuck paying shipping and handling fees that can make the total cost not as appealing as it once was. When you shop around town, you can avoid this problem. Additionally, you can test the discount mountain bikes out and make sure they are worth your purchase to begin with. Let's take a look at some common stores where you can find them.

Walmart, Kmart, Target, etc. - These stores are usually affordable as it is, and they are known to have clearances on all their products several times a year. You can find a lot of discount mountain bikes for sale here from brands like Mongoose, GT, and a few others. Another option is to check out the website of each store as they will often have a better selection since their inventory is larger.

Cycle Shops - You will be able to pick from a lot more brands when you go to a cycle shop compared to stores like Walmart; however, the prices aren't always as low. Cycle shops don't have as many clearances but there are still a decent amount of discount mountain bikes to choose from. If anything, you could always consider buying a used BMX or MTB since they you will probably see a few sitting out and those are also great ways to save money.

Sporting Goods Stores - Stores like MC Sports and Sports Authority have discount mountain bikes for sale as well. You can also visit their websites and pick from an even bigger selection in most cases. Sporting goods stores usually carry most of the popular brands like Cannondale, Diamondback, Schwinn, Shimano and Kawasaki.

Remember to take advantage of as many of these resources as you possibly can if you want to get the best deal on cheap discount mountain bikes for sale. If you are unsure about a certain model you're interested in, try looking up some product reviews to help you make your decision on which discount mountain bikes are worth your money.