Discount OPI Nail Polish (36235)

It's a fact that most nail polish fans love OPI nail polish because the company really is on the design forefront as it relates to color and their super innovative applicators-including the pro-wide brush which makes applying color in one or two easy and even passes a must when it comes to mess free polish application.

But what about discount OPI nail polish? You already know the polish is good, but where can you get it on the cheap?

1. Well Known Discount Stores:

Did you know stores like TJ MAXX carry discount OPI nail polish?

Many times the women who are already in the know regarding scooping this OPI nail polish are plugged in to when new discount OPI nail polish shipments come in. So get a leg up as well and consult with a manager or another rep at the store and request to know their ship dates of discount OPI nail polish. Who knows, you may even be able to get a friendly rep set aside "new OPI nail colors". As you know, typically these discount stores like TJ MAXX get discontinued colors or parts of shipments that are considered overstock by major retailers.

2. Your Local Nail Salon:

If you are a frequent customer to one of your favorite nail salons you may find that you are able to pick up discount OPI nail colors by just asking for a discount. It never hurts to bargain especially if you are using the leverage of being a dedicated customer who not only tips well but refers family and friends. Quid Quo Pro isn't just a Latin term for business and law; it could also be used for nail salons you frequent.

3. Dollar Stores:

Discount OPI Polish also applies to dollar stores as well particularly when looking for a discontinued item. Items that are no longer being sold and need to be moved are often sold to dollar stores. Check frequently at your favorite dollar store retailers you never know. You could pick up a really great discount OPI polish or an equally fabulous brand.

4. Ebay:

Ebay is often the obvious choice when it comes to snapping up Discount OPI Nail Polish. But for items that don't seem to be selling could give you an even better leg up when picking up cheap nail polish like OPI. Contact the seller and make an offer if you see there is a listing that is about to expire. Also search on expired listings to see if your Discount OPI polish is still available.

5. Wholesalers:

Ok so you don't necessarily want to get into the Wholesale Discount OPI Nail Polish business but you could find some REALLY cheap polish in large lots for pennies on the dollar. Make a business out of it perhaps or go in with some friends to sell some of the discounted OPI nail polish at discount, dollar stores or even your local nail salon. You may also find that you can buy discounted OPI nail polish in smaller quantities at reputable wholesale outlets like: