Discount PotteryDiscount pottery is hard to find but with a little searching, you can get gorgeous potsat a great price. Pottery is very popular because it is rustic and, most importantly, it is handmade. Most pottery is shaped and molded by an actual person. It is not reproduced. Pottery cannot be taught with pottery books. It must be taught by experience. This is why it is so tough to find discount pottery and supply. There are a few places where it can be purchased for a deep discount.

Bunzlauer Polish Pottery Mini Oval Baker

Bunzlauer Polish Pottery Mini Oval Baker, DU60 Design
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(price as of Oct 25, 2013)

Mossy Creek Hand Warmer Mug

Outlet Centers

Most outlet centers will have a store that carries fine art such as discount pottery, pottery suppy and pottery books. Outlet center pottery is always new. Pottery dishes, mugs and other types made to be used in the home are usually sold at outlet centers. This type will make a home look beautiful. Outlet centers tend to get outdated merchandise or merchandise that is not selling which is why the discount pottery is so cheap. There is nothing wrong with this pottery except that it did not get much love at the real stores. Check the outlet centers often as their merchandise changes daily. If you are lucky, you might find pottery on sale for an even bigger discount.


Auctions are an excellent place to find discount pottery. You may even be able to find Hall or Franciscan at a discount. For online auctions, there is eBay. With eBay, you can either put your bid in right way and hope no one outbids you, or you can wait till the last minute to put in the winning bid. The second option is the best way to get a good price. You do not want to start a bidding war with three days left in the auction. Sometimes, a buy it now price is a steal. Act quick and you will be getting your discount pottery sooner than you think. To find the best buy-it-now prices, filter your searches by buy-it-now then sort by newest. Estate auctions and sales are probably the best places to find discount potter. You have a good chance of not only finding pottery but also supplies. Get there early to scout out the best pottery. See if there is any other interest in the pottery. If there is a lot of interest in the pottery, it probably will not be sold at a discount. Remember, if you are not bidding do not raise your hand or might be stuck with an expensive piece.

Pottery Shops

Many potters offer some of their work at a discount. During certain times of the month, potters offer a discount to get rid of their inventory and to make room for their new pieces of work. You will not find Hall or Franciscan pottery here. You will find local artists who may produce better work. Ask the potter exactly when he or she will be offering discount pottery. They may be willing to give up their best work at a discount. With a little work, anyone can get quality discount pottery.