Are you on the lookout for cheap and discounted prom dresses, dresses that look beautiful and elegant and will make you look and feel like a princess on prom night. Well if you are there is only one place to go, and boy is it a big place its the INTERNET. The web is a huge place selling an endless amount of discount prom dresses. Even if you are on a tight budget and have less than $100 to spend on your prom night dress you can still pick up a fantastic dress.

Discount Prom DressesThe secret to shopping online for cheap prom dresses, is to never leave it to the very last minute. Try to give yourself around 6 to 8 weeks before prom night. Why buy so early, well you will need to buy early because its highly likely that you will be buying your cheap prom dress from China and Hong Kong. The best place to find these beautiful discounted dresses is from eBay. Ebay is full of sellers making custom made dresses for next to nothing.

How much would you expect to pay for a custom made dress from the US, hundreds even thousands. Well buying from China and Hong Kong you can get the same quality dress custom made for well under $100. These prom dresses are an absolute bargain and buying from sellers with high positive feedback you will almost be guaranteed a prom dress that is going to suit you and your tight budget.

But before you shoot over to ebay and buy the first discounted prom dress that you see. You need to shop smartly, let's take a quick look a few very important eBay shopping tips that you need to follow.

Tip One - Read the sellers feedback before you buy, try to read as many different feedback comments as you can, it go's without saying that if a seller is getting lots and lots of negative comments you need to stay well clear of them.

Tip Two - Always work out what the total cost of the prom dress is going to be, some sellers like to fool you by offering the dress at a ridiculously low price, then stinging you on postage & packaging.

Tip Three - When you have purchased your discounted prom dresses off eBay, the seller is going to quickly get back to you and ask for your measurements. Make sure that you take these measurements as accurately as you can. This will ensure that the dress get custom made to your requirements and will fit perfectly when you get the dress a few weeks later. Lots of girls go on diets though, a few weeks out from prom night. So it might be worth taking this into account as well. It better to have the dress a bit bigger though, than getting it smaller if alterations need to be made a few days out from prom night.

Ebay is just one place online were you can buy cheap prom dresses, there are many more. The main thing to remember though, is to leave yourself plenty of time to find the perfect prom dress. If you leave it to the very last minute its very likely that you are going to be disappointed with your prom dress come prom night.