How to Get Discount iPads

Refurbished Apple iPad tablets are one of the best options for consumers who want to buy an tablet computer.  The Apple iPad is a tablet computer--a thin, light, portable, wireless, touch screen computer smaller than a laptop.

Apple iPads dominate the tablet computer market.  Buying a refurbished Apple iPad tablet is one of the few ways to get a discount iPad (first or second generation). 

Refurbished Apple iPad Tablet

Apple iPad Tablets at Discount Prices

Discounted Apple iPad Tablets

The first generation iPad tablet hit stores April, 2010. The upgraded second generation Apple iPad tablet was released March, 2011.  Apple discounted first generation iPads by $100 and priced the new iPad 2 at the original iPad tablet price.  Many people sold their original tablets to buy second generation iPads. Used, new and refurbished first generation iPad 1st Generation 64GB iPad Wifi+3GCredit: Amazon.comtablets are cheaper than ever and widely available.  Save hundreds of dollars by shopping for discounted original iPads like the Apple iPad 64GB WiFi+3G for $700 (compared to $1080 2nd gen).

Apple iPads are super portable since they are thinner and lighter than netbooks and laptops.   Buying a discounted refurbished iPad is a smart idea for budget-conscious consumers, students, and anyone who likes saving money. College students who like the mobility of the tablet computer should compare refurbished iPad tablets, netbooks, and laptops. 

Shopping for Discount iPad Tablets

Buying a refurbished iPad tablet saves money.  Refurbished, re-manufactured, reconditioned, and Certified Pre-Owned are used interchangeably when talking about refurbished products. Look for Apple Certified Refurbished iPad tablets because these are reconditioned or refurbishment by Apple or Apple certified resellers who follow the quality control guidelines.

Why Buy a Refurbished Apple iPad Tablet Computer?

Refurbished Apple iPad tablet computers are restored, pre-owned tablets.  Pre-owned iPad tablets are usually customer returns due to shipping errors.  Apple must label it "pre-owned" even if the iPad was never opened because it was sold and shipped out of the company.  This is great for consumers who want discount iPads. All Apple Certified Refurbished products meet strict quality regulations. 

Apple Certified Refurbished iPad tablets are thoroughly inspected, cleaned, tested, repaired (if necessary), and assigned new serial numbers.  Refurbished Apple iPads have new batteries, packaging, cords, user manuals, outer casing, plus a new box.  Reconditioned iPads get discounted for not being "new" yet they are held to high quality control standards for refurbished tablets. Discounted refurbished Apple iPad tablets look and work like new, plus they have a one year warranty (and the option to buy AppleCare Protection extended warranty plans).

What Does the Cheapest Apple iPad Tablet Cost?

The cheapest Apple iPad is the discount, refurbished first generation 16GB WiFi tablet. The 16GB iPad first generation is still one of the best-selling iPads on Amazon. It is important to remember that Apple discounted first generation iPad tablets when they released the new iPad.  Refurbished first generation iPads are even cheaper.  They are good buys for those unwilling to pay full price for Apple products or don't get the Apple iPad hype.

Price points for Apple iPad tablets are memory capacity and wireless interApple iPad Tablet - Second GenerationCredit: Amazon.comnet connection (WiFi only or WiFi and 3G).  Apple iPads offer 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB for memory capacity. The cheapest iPads are 16GB WiFi only. The price changes depending on whether it is first or second generation. The 64GB, WiFi + 3G iPad tablet is the largest and most expensive at $1060 while the 64GB WiFi only is $800 (second generation prices).  

Refurbished second generation iPads aren't available just yet. Amazon already sells used second generation iPads and people can buy second generation Apple tablets from Amazon.

Discount iPad Buying Guide - Where to Buy Reconditioned or Refurbished

Buy discount iPads from trusted retailers or merchants, especially if you are not technically inclined.  Stick with go-to stores like,,, and the Apple Store. The Apple Store has a rotating stock of refurbished Apple iPads, refurbished Mac laptops, and more. is a good online store with cheap or free shipping. 

Amazon sells their own products and is a storefront for others, including Apple. This means consumers can use Amazon to buy from Apple. Amazon sells new iPad tablets (1st and 2nd generation). They also sell used and refurbished discount iPads and iPad accessories.  Apple iPad tablets are not listed very conveniently on Amazon. Make sure to click on the different options to find the best discount iPad (see photo). Some sellers list used iPads underHow to Choose a Refurbished iPad at AmazonCredit:, diagram by jpwriter the refurbished section and refurbished in the used section, so make sure to look at the various buying options. Items "fulfilled by Amazon" are eligible* for returns. Look for words like "Apple factory refurbished" and "factory sealed" in the refurbished iPad listings.  Read the seller and customer reviews.

Refurbished Apple iPads are great gift ideas for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, birthdays, and other gift-giving occasions. Remember to check out refurbished Apple iPad tablets during back to school shopping because most college students need affordable student computers and school supplies.  The iPad accessories are also important. Save with a discount iPad to afford a nice iPad folio or an iPad messenger bag.  Shopping smart is shopping savings.

*see Amazon return policy for compete information on returns

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