Rimadyl for Dogs is a highly specialised Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drug. Rimadyl is used as both a post operative pain medication and a way to control long term chronic pain associated with joint disease. This is an FDA approved prescription drug which should only be used for dogs if prescribed by a qualified vet. But, just because your vet prescribes the drug, that does not mean you need to buy it from them. You can save a great deal if you choose instead to buy Discount Rimadyl for Dogs online.

This is a pet ´s medicine which should only ever be used under the guidance and supervision of your dog ´s veterinarian. Whilst generally safe when used correctly, it can cause difficulties for some dogs and so should be used alongside close monitoring of your pet ´s health. However buying Rimadyl for Dogs from an online pet pharmacy is a great way to save money and still guarantee the health of your dog. The online pet pharmacies supply the same drugs, manufactured by the same companies, to the same quality and standard as those supplied by your vet. It is just that by selling such huge volumes of a wide range of pet ´s medications, the online stores can offer huge savings to the consumer.

When buying Discount Rimadyl for Dogs online for great savings, you will need to supply a veterinary prescription. This is simple, your vet may even forward it for you, if not simply email or fax the RX once you have placed your order. On receipt of the prescription the online pet ´s pharmacy will dispatch your dog ´s pain medication. For even bigger savings you can also choose to buy the generic version of Rimadyl, which is simply Generic Carprofen. This comes in caplet form and contains exactly the same volume and quality of carprofen, which is the pain relieving component in Rimadyl for Dogs.

Rimadyl for Dogs is widely used after painful operations such as hip replacements, spaying and dental procedures. In addition many dog ´s who suffer chronic joint pain brought on by hip displasia and canine arthritis are given Rimadyl NSAID on a weekly or twice weekly basis. The pain causing hormones associated with these conditions are reduced significantly with this regular use of Rimadyl providing such pets with long term pain control. Regular monitoring by your vet ensures none of the rare side effects associated with Rimadyl are problematic for your pet.