Scuba Gear Packages: Diving In An Unnatural Pastime For Humans

Scuba diving is one of the most exciting sports in the world, but choosing from a range of Scuba gear packages is as critical to your safety as it is to your enjoyment. The right equipment is essential if you want to have a secure experience underwater. Humans weren't designed for life in liquid so it's imperative that you get yourself gear that's been certified and thoroughly checked before you take the backward leap into your watery playground.

What's In Those Scuba Gear Packages?

scuba gear packages

Most types of scuba gear packages should contain all the necessary components for a safe dive; while not all scuba equipment is needed all the time, regardless of the types of dives you intend to be doing on a regular basis, there's some stuff that you just can't dive without, like air, for example. Surely that's obvious, you might say. Yes, it is, but there have been too many cases of risk-takers planning their dives with a too-small margin for error and end up at the bottom of the ocean floor, if you don't get the drift. Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus diving is a great sport, but must be engaged in in a responsible manner – not only for your own sake, but that of your diving companions as well.

Components Of Scuba Gear Packages

The basic components found in most scuba gear packages include a BCD (Buoyancy Compensator Device), regulator, gauge and octopus. The rest of the stuff, like mask, fins, wetsuit, tanks, diving watches and dive tables (for planning dives), need to be bought separately. Other accessories can include hunting equipment, special hooded wetsuits, thermal underwear and booties for colder waters, underwater flashlights, underwater still cameras and videography equipment, diving watches, and other sundry items such as first aid, dry boxes, reels, rope, etc. The first set is the core family of diving gear, while the others depend on where and what type of diving you're doing.

How Pricey Are Scuba Gear Packages?

Scuba gear packages come in a range of prices, some starting at discounted rates of as little as $250, while others going all the way up past the $1000 mark. If you're a professional diver, you'll be investing heavily on scuba gear anyway, so safety, comfort and options will play a big part in your choice rather than cost, but if you're just learning to dive, then one of the basic packages should suit you just fine. No need to go overboard on spending your money if you'll only be diving in relatively shallow waters or a swimming pool to start with.

What Else Do I Need To Dive?

Apart from scuba gear packages, which usually only come with breathing and pressure apparatus, you'll also need to invest in some essentials like tanks, mask and stuff. A good comparative pricing site like should give you a clear picture of what's out there. Shopping for masks, for example, could mean choosing between an eyes-only dive mask and the full-face mask, as well as other options like prescription dive masks and such.

Tanks are obviously an essential accessory, even if they don't come with standard scuba gear packages. Most dive clubs will let you use their tanks, but always make sure that they are filled in your presence; no point in slacking off at the most important pre-dive event and then being nit-picky about the color of your flippers!

Diving watches are also a must have, because you need to time your dives in relation to the amount of air you're carrying – you don't want to know what it feels like to hold your breath as you swim up through 40 feet of water with your weights.

Flippers are also important because it will decide how quickly you move through the water, and faster fins mean more dive time, usually. They also need to be comfortable. You can choose between full foot fins and the kind that you just strap on.

Better Safe Than Sorry!

No matter what's in your bag of goodies when you go diving, make sure that what you have chosen is certified and tested. Faulty equipment can lead to death, or worse. Having said that, scuba diving is a fun sport and you can have a great time with family or friends if you pick the more suitable of the scuba gear packages for yourself.