Sentinel for Dogs is a very popular heartworm medication and one that is sure to be very effective when treating against heartworms as well as fleas.

Although there is no Sentinel without prescription at the moment it is still a very popular choice for many pet owners. Discount Sentinel for Dogs is available though and it is very effective and for what it treats for and how it acts it is a very low priced pet med. Sentinel heartworm medicine is very quick to ensure that Dogs are totally protected against the damage that adult heartworms can do and it is very important that dogs are treated to ensure that any worms that may be passed on to them via a mosquito are never allowed to develop.

What Sentinel fro Dogs also does is get rid of fleas. It does not actually kill the adult fleas but rather works in a more interesting way. When a flea bites a Dog that has been treated with Sentinel it will ingest one of the active ingredients, Lufenuron. This is then triggered to ensure that the eggs the flea lays will never develop. This means that the life cycle of the flea is totally broken, no fertile eggs means no more fleas.

This is why it is such a popular choice. Although it may not be the cheapest of the many ways to get rid of heartworms or fleas the fact that it is a combination treatment means that it is cheaper if you currently use two treatments to stop these problems. Heartworms are becoming a much more common problem at present, maybe because of the presence of more standing water areas, it is unsure, but this means that there are more mosquitoes which can possibly carry the tiny microscopic larvae that will, in time, turn in to heartworms that can have such a large and negative impact on our Dogs.

If you want to treat for both heartworms and fleas then Sentinel is one of the best possible choices. It works very quickly and efficiently and is a perfect combination treatment for anyone who is worried about the safety of their pet. Tale a look around and you will see that prices vary quite a lot from one source to another so ensure that you get the best possible price by doing a few price comparisons. You really can make some good savings if you spend a little time comparing the may different prices that are available online.