Silk Draperies: Give Your Home a Touch of Class

Silk draperies can add some simple but elegant class to your window treatment. They may be slightly more expensive than cotton or polyester draperies, however if you are looking for elaborate decadence then silk is the way forward. There is nothing like a sumptuous set of silk drapes hanging from a decorative bay window in an elegantly decorated plush living area.

Different Types of Silk

When it comes to silk draperies, there are a wide range of silks to chose from. One might be mistaken in thinking that the only type of silk is the shiny silk that is soft to the touch. However there are an abundance of pure silk fabrics that could be used when making silk draperies.


Chiffon silk is often used for semi sheer or sheer curtains and can be used to compliment lined curtains. They can also be used on their own with a silk tie backs to add a that effortless, modern, understated style to any room. Chiffon is the lightest silk available and is a very delicate fabric, therefore care should be taken when working with chiffon to make drapes.

China Silk

China silk is a very well known type of lightweight silk fabric that is much cheaper than most silks. Just like chiffon it can be used for semi sheer or sheer curtains.


This is probably the most commonly known silk fabric, as it is shiny and soft to the touch. When you think of silk, this is the kind of silk that most people have in mind. This kind of silk can be used for drapes however it would have to be heavily lined and care would have to be taken when lining them as it is a very soft and delicate kind of silk.


This type of silk is really dense and tightly woven, and is not so soft to the touch. This fabric is not so delicate, however it is slightly more expensive than other types of silk fabric. Jacquard is a lot heavier therefore lining is not necessary although it does add to the overall quality of the Silk Draperies.

Georgette Silk

Georgette silk is very often used by interior designers as they are good quality as well as versatile. They are a mixture between charmeuse and chiffon silk fabric

Things to Consider

Silk draperies require a lot more care than the average cotton curtains, this is due to the fact the fabric is slightly more delicate. Therefore when it comes to washing them, it is generally not a good idea to put them in the washing machine. The best thing to do when it comes to silk draperies is hand wash them in very cool water. Although hand washing them is much better than putting them in the washing machine, it is generally better to take them to a specialist to have them washed and carefully steamed to take out any creases. If you are going to wash them at home, after hand washing them dry them on a flat surface and again use a steamer to remove creases. Remember to set the steamer to a cool setting to avoid burning the delicate fabric.

Another thing to remember when it comes to Silk Draperies is that during the summer they are perfect for keeping your room cool. However during the winter months if they get wet, damp or too cold it could affect the fabric.

Dress up Your Silk Draperies

When it comes to Silk Draperies, they can look effortlessly tasteful just on their own without any added extras. However if you want to add a splash of dramatic glamour to your draperies you could add tie backs, decorative curtain rods and a valance curtain at the top of the curtain rail to add some extra style. You can have them made in different styles to suit your room, therefore adding that personal touch.


Flowing Draperies

Flowing draperies are a very popular style because they are simple, they don't have any pleats and they are pretty easy to fit. They are also easy on the eye and can work well with any particular type of décor, either modern or more traditional.

Pinch Pleated Draperies

Pinch pleated draperies have a pleats that are actually stitched in at the top of the curtain. This creates straight angular folds in the rest of the curtain. This makes short windows appear longer and more streamlined. They can also make a room appear more bright and airy, as well as more spacious.

Wellington Flat Panel Draperies

This type of drapery are designed not to open or close, they have no pleats,instead are made with large panels. They are actually designed for decorative purposes rather than functionality.

When it comes to drapes, you can either go for cotton or polyester, or even velvet. Silk Draperies are more expensive, however they can transform a dull room into a brighter and elegant room full of style and sophistication.