Discount sleeping bags are simply sleeping bags that are less than their normal asking price. The amount of the discount will vary depending on where it is purchased and why it has been marked down. You can get discount sleeping bags anywhere that you'd expect to find these bags.

My favorite way to find discounted items is the end of season sales. Most brick and mortar stores have a set amount of floor space and they need to rotate their stock out every few months. The best time to find low cost sleeping bags is at the end of summer and early fall. This is when the stores are trying to get rid of summer stuff and they are starting to stock the fall and winter items. This is one of the best shopping methods to find the deepest discounts. These stores need to get rid of their stuff and the prices will be so low that you can hardly resist. Check out the clearance section of stores and try to figure out what the best percentage off is going to be. Don't wait too long though, the lower the price the more likely it is that someone else will snag that fancy discount sleeping bag out from under you.

Cheap sleeping bags are different (in my opinion) from discount bags. Cheap bags are of lower quality and should only be purchased for indoor and good weather use. These bags will have less insulation, won't be water proof, and will not hold the heat in as well. I recommend that you go for a nice quality clearance bag for heavy duty outdoor use and cheap sleeping bags for sleepovers and as a place to sleep when you're beds not available but you are inside.

Kid's sleeping bags can be found on discount at a variety of retailers and they'll have a wide range. Choosing a kid's sleeping bag on clearance can be a little tricky if you are looking for a certain one. The most popular cartoon characters and superheroes will probably not go on clearance as they will be sold out before the season ends. If you child has their heart set on a certain type of bag it may not be possible to wait for the end of the season.

High quality sleeping bags can be found at surplus stores. These stores can sell things at lower prices because they are bought from places that need to get rid of them. Surplus stores are a great place to find discount sleeping bags. Here you can find some of the better quality bags that are make for hikers and climbers. Backpacking sleeping bags can be found at these stores. These are lightweight sleeping bags that are made to not wear out the hiker but still keep them warm and cozy. Down sleeping bags is a great choice for backpackers. Down is a very warm insulation that is lightweight and retains heat. Most backpacking sleeping bags are of the mummy sleeping bags variety. These bags are coffin shaped and keep you warm from your head to your toes.

When choosing discount sleeping bags you need to consider what you are planning to use them for. Inside bags can have less insulation but if you want to camp in a cold location you need to have a nice insulated bag.