Wine Barrels and Wine Bottling Equipment

Many wine aficionados eventually want to learn how to make their own wine, because they enjoy the process of doing so, and because they can save money on buying wine from the store. Anyone who wants to make their own wine at home will need to learn about the process of making it and about how to use wine bottling equipment.

Discount wine barrels are one of the items of wine bottling equipment that are useful for holding your wine in the event you decide to make it. These discount wine barrels can be found from a variety of sources. If you visit a local winery, you may be able to procure some if they have any that they are not using anymore. You can also visit your local wine shop to see if they know where you can purchase some. They may be in touch with suppliers who would willingly give you their old barrels. If you search online, you can also find discount wine barrels from a variety of places. If you don't live near a winery, you can always check online to find the closest one to you. Many wineries have websites, and you can contact them online to find out about barrels they may be willing to part with. You should also make sure that your discount wine barrels have a siphon that will allow the wine to flow from the barrel.

Wine FillingSome of the wine bottling equipment that beginner winemakers will need include bottles, corks, shrink capsules, bottle wax, corkers, bottle drainers, bottle fillers, and labels. Each of these tools in your wine bottling equipment kit has their own individual purpose. For instance, corkers are needed to set the corks in place properly. To use your wine bottling equipment, you will need to make sure you sanitize all of the supplies well. Your new bottles will need to be washed and rinsed well. Dry them thoroughly. But if your wine bottles are recycled, you will need to use a special cleanser. Check with a winemaking supplier to find out what the best cleanser for this purpose would be. Once these are cleaned, be sure they dry thoroughly.

To get the corks ready for your homemade wine, be sure you either soak them for a couple of hours and rinse them, or boil them and rinse them, depending on whether they are new or used. Once the bottles and corks are prepared, set them underneath your discount wine barrels. Take the siphon tube and set it inside the prepared bottle, but make sure it is not at the bottom of the bottle. The bottle should be filled three-quarters with the wine. At this point, use your corker device to insert the sanitized cork on top of the bottle. When you have finished this step, you have the option of placing your shrink capsules over the bottles, which will help give the bottle a perfect finished look. It is not necessary, however, though it works well with your choice of label.

In order to apply these shrink capsules to your bottles, you can use a kettle's steam to create the right amount of heat. When held near the spout of a kettle, the shrink capsules will shrink enough to be applied to the bottle. You can also submerge them in boiling water very briefly if you do not want to use a kettle, but you will need a device for keeping them in place before you do this, so you do not lose them in the water. After you have applied the shrink capsules, you ought to let your prepared bottles stand straight up over the course of a twenty-four hour period. After this period, turn the bottles on their sides for optimum storage that keeps the wine from leaking out.