The price range of yoga mats is relatively large, and they can sell for as little as $15 and as much as $200; however, this does not mean that you must spend a whole lot of money on a mat in order to get one that is worthy of your poses and practice. There are quite a few discount yoga mats that can be purchased for less than $30, and will impress your yoga instructor.

The one thing that makes it difficult to choose one inexpensive mat over the other discount yoga mats is that there are so few characteristics that can differ. Typically, yoga mats only differ in terms of thickness, length, and grip. With that being said, this article is designed to provide you with a mini guide on the best mats to bring to your weekend yoga practice.

There Are A Few Gaiam Discount Yoga Mats That You Can Keep In Mind

Gaiam is one of the most well known and respected yoga brands on the market; one would automatically assume that their products would be extremely expensive with a reputation as such. However, Gaiam has a few discount yoga mats that would be perfect to do your child’s pose on!

There are three models that stick out in my mind in terms of amazing mats for discounted prices, and those are the Prosperity, Tree of Life, and Dragon Fly models. The Gaiam Prosperity yoga mat sells for about $20, the Tree of Life model retails for about $25, and the Dragon Fly yoga mat will run you up about $30. With the choice of these three models, you really cannot go wrong, it is all about which specific pattern fits your needs and liking the best.

Da Vinci Offers Discount Yoga Mats In 12 Different Colors

The Da Vinci brand name has been well known in the baby industry for many years now; however, they have recently made a break into the yoga mat and accessory industry. Realistically, a brand cannot come into an area of the retail market without any prior reputation and sell expensive yoga mats. You should really be taking advantage of their deals on discount yoga mats because they have to sell them at cheap prices in order to make a break into the industry!

The Da Vinci yoga mats do not feature any prints or patterns; but rather, they are simply available in 12 different colors for absolutely cheap prices! All of the colors that Da Vinci offers are available on Amazon for $20; I would highly recommend taking a look at the light blue, orange, and pink mats as they are the best sellers. Where else can you get a quality yoga mat for $20?

The Most Discounted Yoga Mats Will Be Free Of Patterns And Designs

One thing that you must realize when you are looking for inexpensive yoga mats and yoga accessories is that they will not be coming with any fancy patterns or designs. The truth of the matter is that having a design or pattern on a yoga mat will drive the production cost up, and also drive the consumer price up as a result of that! With that being said, you should be looking for plain colored models when you are on the hunt for discount yoga mats.

Altus Athletic Has A Mat That You Should Buy If You Do Not Need An Extra Thick Yoga Mat

Atlus Athletic is one of those brands that has remained under a rock for the past few years because they do not waste any of their money on brand promotion. Moreover, this is the main reason that they are able to offer discount yoga mats for $15! The specific model that I am speaking about retails in stores for about $20, but is available on Amazon for only $15, making it one of the cheapest yoga mats on the market!

The only downside to this specific mat is that it is only 1 / 8 of an inch thick. This thickness is ideal for lighter men and women; however, heavier set individuals should be looking for yoga mats that are at least 1/ 4 of an inch thick to support their weight.

This article is by no means the bible of yoga mats and accessories; however, it can be considered as being a small guide on the best discount yoga mats that are available online and in stores. I would highly recommend heading to your local sports store to test a few brands and thicknesses of yoga mats with your own hands. I would then recommend heading to Amazon or Ebay to search for that same model that you were testing in the store. Yoga mats tend to be cheaper when purchased online, and you will know which specific model that you want after trying them out in the stores.