I must admit, when I first noticed a pair of crocs shoes on someone I said to myself, I will never wear those things, just look at them!

Well, things change and soon I found myself with a pair of crocs on my feet. The first place that I saw crocs was at hospitals. It seemed to me that every nurse and doctor had a pair of them on their feet. What did it for me was when they began showing up on the feet of fishermen.

When I asked each person what the crocs they were wearing were made of, I always received the same answer, "I don't know."

They looked like they were made of rubber. But I needed to investigate this. A quick visit to the website gave me the following information. The following quote is taken directly from crocs.com:

"All Crocs shoes are uniquely designed and manufactured using the company's proprietary closed cell resin, Croslite, a technology that gives each pair of shoes the soft, comfortable, lightweight, non-marking and odor resistant qualities that Crocs wearers know and love."

I immediately had to buy a pair of these shoes. On the first trip out on my boat wearing them I realized that the Croslite was very good at gripping the fiberglass that my boat is made of. It would even grip it when wet. The holes in the shoe prevented my feet from sweating in the summer heat and it was easy to slip on and off. I was an instant believer in these shoes.

I though that I would never wear crocs again once I moved up to Alaska, but guess what I discovered? Crocs has a lined shoe as well. In the Men's Fuzz and Lined line of crocs shoes, there is a shoe called the Blitzen Polar. What I like about this is that it is warm. The liner really does keep my feet warm even in sub-zero temperatures. Also, the croslite is 100% waterproof. That is what I need since eight months out of the year I am constantly walking through snow. An added bonus is that this shoe is very easy to take off. This is another added bonus since most Alaskans insist that you take off your shoes when you enter their house!

Here are a few more products that Crocs has available for men:

Crocs Prepair II Clog:

Don't be fooled by the use of the word "Clog". These shoes are comfortable. They look like a new age sandle, with the classic crocs strap across the back, you will look styling! These shoes are designed to assist your feet in recovering after a rigorous athletic activity. They have strategically positioned massage pods that will make your feet feel like new, even after a long run.

Rx Custom Cloud:

These shoes are very popular with people who have jobs where that have to stand for long periods of time. They feature a strap both in from and in back of the foot, and have extra room for moldable orthotics.

Yukon Men's:

This is one of those shoes that is made to be as tough as it's namesake. The Crocs Yukon uses a leather upper for durability and an adjustable heel strap for a superior fit. This is the shoe to wear if you are going to be out in tough conditions like you will find in the Yukon Territory of Canada.


When I think about Crocs, I think about the Bistro. This is the traditional Crocs shoe. With its heel strap that can be moved to the front, for easy on and off, this shoe has something for everyone. This was the very first type of Crocs that I ever owned.

If you have never owned a pair of Crocs shoes , you are really missing out. Nowadays, Crocs have something for every taste. They are so popular that I am certain you will be able to find them in a shoe store near you!

A large selection of crocs can be found here