Levi 501 Jeans

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One of the world's international fashion staples, Levi Jeans have set untouchable trends for both men and women's fashion in popular culture wherever they've gone. Levi 501 jeans are valued for their style, comfort and extreme durability. Made from denim fabric famous for its strength and toughness, jeans were originally known by a name that once carried a clue to their origin. Nîmes, France is the birthplace of this beloved fabric. In French, "De Nimes" means "coming from or of Nîmes". Add a bit of English bludgeoning and some circulation through other tongues and we now have the common usage "Denim". Etymologies aside, Levi 501 jeans have quickly become the most popular recent iteration of a fashion and clothing dynasty and have branched out in a number of classic and new stylings to delight the experienced and new jeans wearer alike. Levi 501 jeans are prized for their subtle "throwback" touches like the downward arrow stitching on the back pockets, 100% cotton fabric, heavy duty top stitching and button flies.

Levi 501 Jeans Go with Just About Anything

One of the reasons Levi 501 jeans are so popular is that they go anywhere, do anything and go with just about everything in your closet. Levi jeans were originally designed as work clothes for industrial factory workers who needed tough and even somewhat protective fabric that wouldn't quit after a couple of hard months on the assembly line. Still favored by workers the world over, Levi 501 jeans are highly tear and rip resistant making them excellent work clothes. They can stand up to some serious beatings and still provide you with reliable and durable clothing for years to come. As Levi 501 jeans age, they take on added character but continue to serve as paragons of durability and style.

In terms of complimenting and supporting your existing wardrobe, Levi 501 jeans are famous for their versatility. If you're going for something business casual, you can pull off Levi 501 jeans paired with a nice sportcoat and button down dress shirt and be ready to go. Levi 501 denim jeans go as well with ties and leather shoes as they do with t-shirts and sneakers. As long as you give them a quick wash and a tumble in the dryer before you head out, you can pretty much wear them with anything. Sweaters in the fall and winter, a simple belt and button down dress shirt for a night out, or a thin cotton shirt for working in the yard or around the house.

The Newest Era of the Classic Levi 501 Jeans

Today, Levi 501 jeans are available online at deep discounts. You can find your favorite fit, color and wash type of denim jeans, order them and have them at your door in a couple of days. As long as you know your size and fit type, you can go right ahead and have these classics delivered to your door without having to fuss with the long slog to and from the mall.

Year Round Comfort and Style

Another reason that levi blue jeans are such a worldwide fashion staple is that they can be paired wwith basically everything. Whether its deep winter and you pair your jeans with a first layer of long underwear, or it's spring or summer and you match your trusty blue jeans with your favorite t-shirt, there's pretty much no theater of operations where you can't make your levi blues work!