Attending college can be very expensive, but if you know how to find discounts for students on laptops, you can cut part of those college costs tremendously. Fortunately, there are several well-known companies that offer laptops for college students on a budget.

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Affordable Laptops for College Students

If you live or attend college in California, you may want to check out the non-profit organization Notebooks for Students (NFS). Since 1998, they have offered new and refurbished deals on laptops for college students. The refurbished laptops are commercial grade equipment used in banks and large corporations, which received regular maintenance by qualified IT staff members. When these computers come off lease, they are returned to the manufacturer for reconditioning and brought back to a like-new status.

NFS offers these inexpensive laptops for college students with 5 to 10 day shipping terms, a buyback program, and a free, four-year warranty. The laptop computers are from top brand names in the industry: Compaq, DELL, HP, Lenovo and Toshiba, use Intel processors, and are loaded with Open Office software. At the time of this writing, the lowest priced laptop listed on their inventory page was a DELL Latitude D610 with a Pentium 4 processor, 1 GB (memory), 40 GB (hard drive), and Win XP for $195. The most expensive laptop computer listed was an HP Pavillion dv 7 Multi Media with an Intel Core 15 processor, 4 GB (memory), 500 GB (hard drive), and Win 7 Home.

Currently, they service college campuses in San Bernardino and San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange, California.  If you are in the market for affordable laptops for college students, you can make an on-campus appointment by calling 866-467-8213 or emailing

Suggested Laptops for College Students - DELL University

Eligible college students qualify for discounts on laptop computers from DELL. To verify your eligibility, you will need a member ID number from your school or a valid .edu email address. The current promotion according to their website is your choice of a free Xbox 360 or a $200 DELL promotional eGift card with the purchase of a computer at $699 or higher. Choose from five student exclusive Inspiron laptops with Intel Core processors and features ranging from 6 GB (memory), 500 GB (hard drive) to 8 GB (memory) 1 TB (hard drive) at price points from $699.99 to $949.99. For more information, call 866-724-4973 or use the live chat feature  on their website.

Best Laptops for College Students

Laptops for Students in College From HP Academy

HP Academy offers discounts to a range of students, parents and educators. According to their website, students from the kindergarten level through college can take advantage  of student discounts, rebates and other incentives to make owning a computer affordable for most. Financing is available and you can sign up online or by calling their toll-free number: 1-800-623-8251. A convenient feature here is their live chat function, which allows you to interact in real-time with a customer support representative to answer your questions and help you pick the best laptop for your needs. Just like DELL University and the Microsoft Student Store, they are offering a free Xbox gaming system with qualifying purchases.  

Ideal Laptops for College Students: Microsoft Student Store

Inexpensive laptops for college students can be purchased from the Microsoft Student Store ( by eligible students. Their website lists the following guidelines:

  • Educational facilities must be located in the United States and be accredited
  • Students must be able to verify their enrollment and be taking at least 0.5 course credit hours

On the website, click on "all student offers" to view their current discounts and specials. For example, their current promotion is a free Xbox 360 with the purchase of any computer priced at $699 or higher. You can use their comparison shopping feature to compare prices on top brands like DELL, HP, Lenovo or Toshiba.

Best Value Laptops for College Students

Looking at as close to apples to apples comparison as possible, students who qualify for the affordable laptop computers from NFS will probably get the best long-term value versus investment. For those outside the areas serviced by NFS, finding the most affordable laptops for college students will probably mean doing your homework and comparing prices from DELL University, HP Academy and the Microsoft Student Store to see which is the smartest investment for your particular budget and situation.

Paying for all the related expenses of college such as equipment and textbooks, housing and dorm bedding, food and transportation can be challenging. However, taking advantage of special perks such as student discounts on laptops or other products and services and applying for scholarships and grants can help minimize the costs.  

The information presented here is for educational purposes and deemed to be accurate at the time of this writing; however, individuals looking for discounts for students on laptops should contact the vendors mentioned here to see if there have been any changes to their programs before they make a purchasing decision.