Be Like the Frog, keep on hopping

If I have anything to say it is this, when you have Discouragement, Don't let it get you down.....See the frog? Be like him and just keep on hopping...

Sometimes it is hard as can be to overcome and rise above discouragement, but it is possible, I believe. We are prone to it because we have no control over other people and sometimes people are not perceptive to anyone's feelings but their own. Just plain and simply. People get angry, hurt or frustrated and they lash out at anyone near by. I have done it (I am sorry to admit) and you probably have to but, that is really no excuse. Right? Discouragement, Don't let it get you down is something that requires some skill as in using our mind to counter and distroy the negative with the positive and keep on hopping.

It is not always someone else that causes our Discouragement and no one else is involved in Don't let it get you down....but you! We have our own thoughts, our own mistakes and our own consequencies that we have to overcome and the side affects are sometimes overwhelming. The only way out of this discouragement time ..nothing else. It is then that it is important to be emotionally stable enough you realize that when we have made a boo boo that can't be rectified one way or the other; we stand up straight, we hold our head up and we keep on hopping. There is no other must if you maintain life at its best. Life is shorter than you think it is...just ask me. I can tell you some things you should defiinitly avoid to make your life better and in the end, more peaceful...At a later date. Peace is something we must seek.

I think if we learned to dwell on the good in our life, we would be less discouraged and have greater mental capacity to withstand the side affects of something which is negative. We do have things that happen in our life that we have no control over and these are the things that really get to us. We could understand these things better if we had caused it. We just don't understand and we get angry and start asking; Why me? Why now? I do not know there are answers to these kinds of misfortunes in life, but we all have them, we have no control over them, but we know that we are in the boat with the rest of the human race. We still have so much to be thankful for. We have a house to live in, we have clothes on our back and hopefully we can pay our bills and that is so much more than some have. We still need to re-adjust our posture, believing that "this too shall pass" and keep on hopping and then we will find the grace to conquer Discouragement-Don't Let It Get You Down.

Challenges are a part of everyday life. All day long...everyday! Right? Make today your day to get control of your thoughts and say that today, I am going to be positive and encouraged and not let anyone or anything discourage me, at least to the point of doubt. When we start doubting ourself, we get into trouble, don't doubt yourself. Remember you are good, you have selfworth, you have something to give others, you are where you are for a reason...Stand tall, stand firm and remember, Discouragement- Don't Let It Get You Down, keep on hopping! God Bless.