Insomnia is a terribly annoying and tiring problem, but it may be easily prevented by avoiding some common habits that many people are guilty of every single day. By simply following these helpful tips you can be assured that you will find out how to fall asleep fast almost every single night. You will also be discovering many different amazing habit changes that can lead to much more restful sleeping patterns. Many of these tips are based on actual scientific studies as well as good old common sense facts about how to get our minds and bodies to relax and fall asleep fast.

The first thing to remember is that your bedroom is and always should be utilized primarily for sleeping and nothing else. Using it for any other purpose only serves to decrease the comfort level as well as interrupts your subconscious association with this room and a sleepy mind. Your bedroom should be made as comfortable a place as possible. The lighting should be very subdued. If there are bright outside lights then you should definitely have very dark shades that are capable of blocking any outside light. Your bedroom should also be as quiet as possible. An environment that is unavoidably noisy can be easily remedied by using comfortable earplugs, earphones with relaxing music or a meditation track, or a white noise machine that can help to drown out the more annoying background noises.

As stated before, but this can't be emphasized too much, your bedroom should be used primarily for sleeping. Any other activities such as homework or home office work should be done in another part of the home if possible. The bed should be the main if not only piece of furniture in the room. This is with the exception of course of normal bedroom furniture. In other words, your bedroom is more effective at functioning as such if it doesn't contain any distractions like televisions, home theater equipment, video game systems, office equipment, or computers. In fact the fewer electronics you have in your bedroom the better off you will be. Eliminating and or preventing distractions such as these prevents you from being distracted from sleeping. Let's face it, we live in the age of the fast paced lifestyle and nonstop information bombardment, but these things are best left out of our sanctuary for sleep.

Your bedroom should be a calm place without the interference of your daily life and electronic devices. This not only makes it easier to forget about the worries and cares of the day but it also goes a long way to improving the Feng Shui of your bedroom. The better the flow the easier it will be to relax and fall asleep fast. By transforming your bedroom from a den of work and electronic mayhem into a haven for sleep and relaxation, you will be more easily able to relieve yourself of daily burdens and stress.

The level and type of lighting is an extremely important thing to be aware of as well. It should be soothing and warm without being to bright or harsh. By using appropriate lamp shades, curtains, and window blinds, you can create an inviting sanctuary for deep restful sleep. One way to improve the lighting ambiance in your bedroom at night is to face the alarm clock in a direction other than that of facing directly toward you in bed. This will help to make the room darker and keep you from being overly tempted to glance at the time while you are attempting to fall asleep. When you are overly concerned with what time it is throughout the night it can serve only to add to your overall angst in regards to your inability to fall asleep. When you are busy clock watching, your are not going to fall sleep fast. Another important thing to remember is that you cannot force yourself to fall asleep, quickly or otherwise. Becoming unconscious is all about acquiring the proper level of relaxation prior to making any attempt to fall asleep. High stress levels are not conducive to healthy sleep patterns.

If you simply are not feeling tired then you should probably get out of bed and occupy yourself with a relaxing distraction until you begin to feel sleepy. You want your bedroom to be at a comfortable temperature as well. A cooler temperature is preferable to having the temperature of your bedroom too hot. You last meal of the day ideally should be eaten several hours before retiring to bed. This allows adequate time for your food to digest prior to going to bed. If your digestive system is active at bedtime then this can easily prevent you from falling asleep quickly. On the other hand, it is perfectly fine to have a banana an hour or so before retiring to bed. Bananas possess a chemical called L-tryptophan that can help you become naturally relaxed and more easily fall sleep. It has also been suggested in recent scientific studies that bananas can help sleep apnea sufferers sleep without interruptions.

It is great to do excercises early in the evening but avoid doing so close to your bedtime. Instead it can be helpful to practice relaxing yoga poses along with long deep breathing right before retiring to bed. It is very important to realize that both your body and your mind need to be in a relaxed state of being prior to achieving deep restful sleep. Because of this meditating along with yoga and deep rhythmic breathing do wonders for priming the mind and body for healthy sleeping patterns. Along with relaxation techniques during the evening another way to ensure a restful night's sleep is by having an active day. With that in mind it is important to remember that you need some routine for winding down prior to your bedtime.

Always be sure to take the time to wind down in the evening no matter how fast paced and frantic your day may be. This is important not only for your sleep but also your sanity. Sometimes when you are attempting to fall asleep your mind may be overflowing with thoughts, ideas, and worries. Whenever this occurs it can be extremely helpful to get up and create a list of these thoughts on a sheet of paper. Make your plans and then fall asleep easily knowing that they will be dealt with when your mind is rested and fresh. By putting these ideas onto paper it helps to quiet, calm, and clear your mind.

All stimulants such as caffeine and nicotine are to be avoided for obvious reasons. It is important to keep in mind that pain relievers can contain caffeine. Anything consumed that contains any amount of caffeine should be consumed in the early hours of the day. You should stop consuming caffeine no less than ten hours before going to bed. It is important to remember to avoid any and everything that can increase your heart rate and circulation. As such things that are high in sugar and even caffeine free energy supplements and drinks should never be taken during the later half of the day. Arguments, debates and disputes with family and friends should also be avoided in the evening hours if at all possible Baths are also great way to relax couple of hours prior to sleeping. So long as you remember to avoid getting the water too hot because this can cause your body to wake up by increasing your circulatory rate.