Easy Tips for Saving Money

Cash is tight for everyone, and we all need to learn How to Save Money Each Month. Recently, I have been looking at those services that I pay for each month to see if I can get a better deal somewhere else or if my current fees can be renegotiated. For instance, can you get a better deal on your television service, internet connection, landline phone, cell phone service, garbage pick up, insurance, home security, etc.?

I have been looking at each of these services and checking my contract expiration dates on each of them. For the ones that I can make changes on, I have been calling around to other providers to see if they have a better deal than I currently have. For instance, can they offer me a ‘transfer my service/new customer deal’ or even just a better rate for the same service.

Saving Money Tips
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Some Saving Money Quotes You Will Want to Get

Garbage/Trash Pick up Service

When a new garbage/trash pick up service expanded their route to include my neighborhood, they delivered flyers door-to-door offering a deal that would save me $150.00 a year. They would provide the same weekly service and two free large containers. What a deal! That’s a $12.50 savings per month.

So, when I called my current provider to close my account, they offered to match my new deal for one year. However, I didn’t accept that offer from them because if they could provide their service for the reduced price – then why had they been charging me more all along. I cancelled the service with my old garbage/trash pick up service, and I signed up for the new, cheaper service. Another benefit the new company offers is no contract – I can discontinue their service whenever I want. And so far, their service has been excellent.

Television, Landline, Wireless Service and Internet Service

If you have all of these services, and have them contracted with different providers, then you might be able to bundle them together with one provider and save money. But to be on the safe side, call around to the providers in your area, and have them give you a quote for each of these services along with a quote for a service bundle. Before making any changes, talk to friends and neighbors who use these providers to find out if they are satisfied with the provider’s service.

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Insure Your Car
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Car, House and Renter's Insurance

Make an appointment with your insurance agent to evaluate all your insurance policies to make sure you have enough coverage to meet your needs. Like other services, spend some time shopping with other providers to see if they can offer you better insurance for less money than you are currently paying.

One way we lowered the cost of our insurance bill on our house and car was by raising the deductible. Be sure to place the money you save into a savings account to help offset the difference between the lower and higher deductible should you need it. Hopefully, these funds won’t be needed, and they will grow in your savings account.

Another way to save on insurance is to find an agent who offers all the different types of insurance that you need since they can usually offer a discount if you have multiple policies with them.

Protect Your Family and Home
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Home Security

Home Security, like any of the above services, can be shopped for, too. Many companies will give you a break on their rate if you transfer your monitoring service to them. While you don’t want to be constantly changing carriers, you might find that the change is not only a good savings deal but a better service deal, too. And it is always wise to talk to friends and family about the prospective new service provider to find out about their service and their customer service.

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General Savings Money Tips


  • The Better Business Bureau is a great place to check out any and all service providers to see if there are any complaints filed against them and/or how they were resolved.
  • When possible, I charge these contract payments to one of my credit cards and make money via cash rewards. Remember, though, to always pay your credit card bills on time and in full each month to save on interest and fees.
  • Learn to live like your parents and/or grandparents by practicing simple frugal living. The words ‘frugal living’ aren’t bad words; they simply mean not being wasteful.
  • Keep in mind, too, that if you have a contract for some type of purchase or service – then changes can only be made when your contract is open for renewal; otherwise, you could be charged an exorbitant fee for either changing or closing your account.
  • Going forward, shop carefully, and apply the above ideas whenever you purchase or sign a contract for a service, and be aware of the contract terms and conditions.

In Closing

While these ideas individually won’t save you a fortune, together they can add some serious cash to your budget and/or savings account each month. Years ago, I was told by a wise and wealthy gentleman, “Watch out for your pennies, and your dollars will take care of themselves.” And that statement is true. So, guard those pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and dollars, and then you can watch them grow for your future. I hope this article, “Discover How to Save Money Each Month,” will help you with your monthly bills